Bare Minerals starter kit review:

Hi everyone. So, I thought I would share a review of the Bare Minerals starter kit I currently own. It was £50 (seems pricey but definitely worth it) and can be found in most department stores e.g. House Of Fraser, Boots, Debenams etc. The kit includes a primer, mascara of your choice (I chose flawless definition), the warmth powder, the mineral vail powder, a concealer brush, the main applicant brush, the ‘warmth’ brush and most importantly the foundation – in the colour and type you wish (I chose the matte version). I found the whole concept of Bare Minerals a new, but positive experience. I like the fact that it is powder based, rather than liquid and allows you to build up the makeup on your face as much as you want until you reach the full coverage you want. The concealer brush allows for small details to be covered, for example on blemishes or under the eyes. I found the warmth powder gives your face a bit of life, although I only need to use a small amount as I’m fairly pale (haha). Once applying my foundation and warmth, I finish of with the mineral vail; which is a translucent powder that gives your face a final matte finish and helps keep the makeup stay on longer. In my experience I’ve found that this has, so far, been the longest-lasting foundation on my face. The best thing about Bare Minerals makeup is that it contains minerals (hence the name) that help your skin stay healthy. I would definitely recommend Bare Minerals makeup to you all, and the starter kit is just perfect to start you off!

Shelley x


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