My makeup favourites from The Body Shop

Despite my massive love for Bare Minerals make up, The Body Shop is also another of my favourites. Not just for the products themselves, but the fact that very often they have offers on their products; therefore you’re getting the products you want but at a discounted price, win win situation right? But as the title states, these are my favorite makeup products from there, which are a necessity in my makeup bag.

These are, three eye shadows, a foundation, concealer, bronzing powder and a blusher; and the standard eye shadow brush which I got as part of an offer with my eye shadow purchases.

1) Moisture foundation spf 15 (shade 01) – for times when I don’t want a powder based foundation, out of all the liquid foundations I have used this one so far is my favourite and will more than certainly be buying more. This foundation feels light on your face and gives you a slight hydration, and with my having oily skin it doesn’t feel too thick or heavy on my face. This foundation gives medium coverage, but as it is light it enables you to build up as many layers to get to what your preference is.

2)  Concealer (shade 01) – this concealer is a stick concealer and is thick, which for me is absolutely perfect. If you know me or have read my previous blog post, you’ll know that I used to have acne which has left me with scarring on areas of my face. Due to the thickness of this concealer, and the fact that you can build up as much as you want with it, yet doesn’t feel heavy, is perfect for covering my scars. I thought that perhaps this concealer wouldn’t last me a very long time, so I bought two, but to my surprise I have been getting more uses out of it than I expected.

3) Colour crush eye shadows – shade ‘sand by me’, ‘smokin hot’, and ‘blue over you’. Now I purchased these three eye shadows together to form a little trio, if you like, of colours which would compliment my eye colour. I’m not massive on eye shadow, and don’t wear it on my day to day basis; more on occasions, so I thought I would stick to three colours which would compliment my eye colour and skin tone. Nevertheless, I have found that the colour of these stays on for a long time.

4)  Bronzing powder (shade 05 – dark golden matte) – now this bronzing powder is just as much of a favourite to me as my Bare Minerals warmth powder, due to the fact that it is mattifying rather than shimmery and is long lasting. With me having oily skin, I feel as though having a shimmery bronzer doesn’t really help the situation, and just leaves me looking extra shiny. I also have pale skin, so finding a bronzer that doesn’t look too dark on me has been quite hard, but this is just right; it gives my face a nice healthy glow without looking orange or out of place in comparison to my skin tone.

5) Blusher – all in one colour (shade ginger) – this blusher again, like the bronzer, has a matte finish and adds just a nice glow of pink to my cheeks without looking too bright. For me, the bronzing powder and a touch of this blusher is a perfect combination to give my skin a healthy-looking glow.

So there we have it, a little snippet of my current favourite makeup products form The Body Shop. Thank you all so much for reading!

 Shelley x


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