Autumnal makeup – featuring my new piece from ecotools

Good evening everyone! So today I went out into the city centre, grabbed some lunch and wandered round the shops. I’ve been on the hunt for a new makeup applicator recently, as although I love my real techniques and Bare Minerals brushes, I wanted something foam-based for me to target the scarring I have left from my acne. As I was strolling around Boots, I came across a collection of makeup applicators and brushes by ‘ecotools’, and I found, quite possibly, the most ideal piece which I was looking for.


I’ts fair to say that I was more than impressed with this makeup applicator; it has such a smooth texture and left my skin looking almost flawless. I also found the angled shape of the brush useful to really help work in my concealer on my problem areas. If you’re a student like I am, and need affordable yet effective pieces then I would recommend this to you – at a bargain price of £4.99 from Boots how could I resist? The ecotools makeup applicators have a lovely bamboo handle and are packaged beautifully; not to mention the fact they are made out of recycled products which I personally think it just makes you feel like your purchase is even more worthwhile!

I hope that you all enjoyed this post, and I’ll look forward to speaking to you again soon!

Shelley x


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