What’s going on in the life of Shelley at the moment?

Hello everyone, I thought I’d write a little post just updating you all on what I’ve been up to recently to help you get to know me a bit more. Obviously no one wants to reveal every single aspect of their life, we all have our boundaries, but I just thought it’d be a good start in growing my blog personality more if you know a little more about me.

If you know me already or have read my ‘about me’ page, you’ll know that I’m eighteen years old and that I started at university in September, in the wonderful, lively city of Newcastle, studying Sociology; and I can’t deny that I’m loving it. Although, as it is now officially assignment time and I have a lot of deadlines on top of reading, socializing, and making sure I look after myself and have time to relax and restore, I’m having more constraints on my time, which is why it may appear from time to time that my blog has been a little neglected – but hey we’re only human right? But there is certainly a positive… I break up for Christmas super early which couldn’t be more perfect for me given it’s my favourite time of  year, and there’s nothing better than having relaxation and occasions to look forward to, to motivate you through your work. I intend to keep investing as much time as possible into my blog throughout my assignment time, and certainly have a lot more posts coming through the Christmas season – I’m getting excited just thinking about it to be honest! I’ve also got the idea in mind to start doing some tutorials relating to hair and beauty, and perhaps some blogs/vlogs about my everyday life being a student and what I get up to etc.

So yeah, I know this post is a little different to my previous ones and probably not the most interesting, but I just thought I’d let you know a bit more about myself and what I’ve bee up to really. Also don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram which I’m seriously hooked too; my username for both is _onlyshelley. Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll look forward to speaking to you again soon!
Shelley x


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