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Hello everyone,  happy Saturday! For today’s post I wanted to share with you my current two favourite items from The Body Shop; so if you’re a fan of their products just like me then get yourself comfy and keep reading!

I’ve been using products from The Body Shop for a number of years, whether its facial products, body products, or makeup; and I have rarely been disappointed with the performance of their products, and I almost always feel as though I’ve got my value for money. These two items are both ‘Smoky Poppy’ items, which I absolutely love the smell and packaging of, and have been finding particularly useful now we’ve hit the colder months. First of all, as a generic observation, I was more than impressed than the packaging of these products more than other products from The Body Shop I’ve used before, and because I got my products together in a set it also included this super pretty decorative poppy which I always think just adds to the quality of the product. Not to mention, the colours automatically make me think of Christmas, which I’m already beyond  excited for – it’s not just me right?  Anyway…. let’s just get straight into the products!


Smoky Poppy Body Butter – £14 (200ml) – I’ve always loved all of the body butters from The Body Shop, it is undoubtedly one of my favourite shops; but the scent and the extra moisture of this butter which made it stand above previous ones I’ve tried before. This body butter is ‘laced with the extract of oil-rich popples’ and leaves my skin feeling super soft which is perfect for the colder months. For the best results of this product it’s advised to massage gently into the skin after taking a bath or shower; and you’ll see the difference of how smooth your skin becomes in no time – perfect for a pamper night. The key ingredient in this product is Shea Butter, which is ‘community fair trade’.

Smoky Poppy shower gel – £4 (250ml) – This shower gel has the same gorgeous scent as the body butter, is again ‘laced with oil-rich popples’, and leaves the skin feeling so soft and clean. Aside from the scent of it, which lasts an impressive amount of time after washing, what I most liked was the fact that it isn’t too ‘bubbly’ or drying which again comes in use throughout the colder months when my skin is dryer. One of the key ingredients in this product is Honey which is, as with the body butter ‘community fair trade’. For me, I always feel as though I’m getting my money’s worth even more when I know that the ingredients sourced to make the product I’m buying come form fair trade practices; which is one of my favourite things about The Body Shop.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, what are all your favourite items from The Body Shop?
Shelley x


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