Learning to be confident with acne

Hello everyone, hope you’re all okay! Today I wanted to sit down and write about a personal subject that can be quite hard to talk about, but in doing so I hope that it will help some of you out there.


Throughout my teen years I’ve been a sufferer with acne, and I did do a previous post which was talking about my journey with the medications I took etc. But even though I’m no longer on medication, it doesn’t mean that I no longer break out now and then, and I do still have slight scarring and oily skin.. So this post is about how to be confident even though if you don’t feel as though your skin is ‘perfect’. I mean after all there isn’t such thing as ‘perfection’; regardless of the ideas in our minds we may have, and feelings of ‘not being good enough’ in comparison to others; we are all unique and there’s no reason why every single person shouldn’t feel good about themselves. For me,  through times when my skin wasn’t too good, I found it awfully uncomfortable to sit and wear a full face of makeup; particularly on long days. So one day I decided to take the plunge and have a bare face on days when I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable with make up on, because at the end of the day you need to do what’s best for you. Although it felt nerve racking for the first time, realistically people have other things to think about than analysing how much makeup you have on your face or whether your skin is clear or not. Me not wearing makeup as often, enabled me to build confidence to embrace the way my skin is and the way I look, and throughout my journey of my skin improving, I took regular pictures of my face with no makeup on. To  reflect on these  not only shows the improvement, but it still to this day helps me  in the process of being happy in my own skin. I also found with me being brave enough to not wear makeup in public situations, felt empowering, and as though I was standing against any judgments or perceptions made by others  and  the stigma attached to ‘bad skin’ by embracing it and not being afraid to show my face. Also, for being confident and feeling positive being surrounded by the right company is key. Throughout certain periods of my time at school, I found myself surrounded by groups of people who didn’t have a positive influence on me, whether I realised that at the time or not. But as I’ve grown older, more mature, more confident and  started to take my own paths in life I’ve noticed that I’m now surrounding myself with people with positive influences, who are supportive, and who understand me for who I am; and having the right people in your life honestly goes such a long way when it comes to feeling positive and good about yourself. Thirdly in terms on how I feel confident about my skin, now and then I like to invest in nice products; whether they’re  skin care related, or good makeup products that I know work for me. When I treat myself to products every now and then and use them, it gives me a real boost and a sense of feeling good about myself knowing that what I’m using works for me, and is a form of pampering. Taking good care of myself will always help make me feel more confident about the way I am, because let’s face it we all have those moments where we just need to take a step back, relax, and spend time restoring and pampering ourselves.

I know that my one account of experiences and feelings won’t be representative of everyone else, but I always find that reading other people’s experiences and journeys  is both inspiring and beneficial, so I hope that you all reading this have enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll look forward fo speaking to you again soon.
Shelley x


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