My three favourite candles

Ahh, I don’t know about you but I absolutely love candles. They automatically make a room look warmer, cosier and more relaxing; not to mention the fact they fill the room with heavily scents. Through the colder months of the year candles are undoubtedly my favourite decorative item in my bedroom, so I thought I’d share with you my three favourite ones which share the same colour scheme.


1) Yankee Candle – Snow In Love – medium jar £18.99: this candle is truly perfect for the Christmas and winter season, it strikes the perfect balance of smelling ‘festive’, without being too overpowering like I’ve experienced with other Christmas related candles. The fact that it’s white matches perfectly against my white bedroom furniture. I know that a lot of people think that these candles are a tad ‘over-priced’ but every single Yankee Candle I have ever owned has lasted such a long time, so I’ve never doubted the fact of whether I’ve got my money’s worth.

2) Lily Flame – Blush – candle in a jar £12: ‘the first kiss of the night’. I think the soft pink of this colour is super pretty, and again matches perfectly with white furniture. The scent of this candle is subtle which makes it perfect for using whilst having a relaxing bubble bath – heaven right?

3) Marks and Spencer – Limited Edition: Anyone who knows me will know that Limited Edition is my favourite M&S brand whether it’s for clothes, shoes, accessories, or home decor. So it’s no surprise at all that I fell in love with the candle I was bought too. I was impressed with the quality of this candle in comparison to my Yankee ones, as it also lasts a long time and has a strong scent that fills the room in a matter of minutes. This candle is perfect for my chill nights, or when I’m getting my head down with some late night reading.

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed this evening’s post, and I don’t know about you but it has got me in the mood to relax and light one of these three. Let me know what your favourite candles are in the comments below!
Shelley x


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