Two products that help me get a good night’s sleep

Good evening everyone, for today’s post I wanted to share with you two products I’ve recently discovered which help me get a good night’s sleep every night.

Pukka – night time – ‘a dreamy bed of organic oat flower, lavender and limeflower’ – naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced.
Nytol herbal tablets – ‘a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of sleep disturbances based on traditional uses only’.

Recently, with me being at university, and living in noisy student accommodation I’ve been experiencing a lot of stress with it being assignment time, and this combined with my usual anxiety has lead me to experience many sleepless  nights. There’s nothing more frustrating than when all you want to do is relax and get some sleep, but your mind simply won’t rest. Although I have never tried herbal solutions such as these two products before, and as I was picking them up off the shelf part of me couldn’t help but doubt whether they would work for me or not, I am delightfully surprised at the results.
I now like to add these two products into my night time routine. I’ve found that it’s helpful to set a time in the evening after eating and doing the day’s work etc where I will stop and say to myself that it’s time to start relaxing. So, firstly taking off my makeup and having a long hot shower (or bath if I was back at home) is the first step for my relaxation. I then like to have the ‘Pukka night time’ tea whilst I’m catching up on my TV or reading before I go to sleep, and following that if I feel it is necessary I will take a nytol herbal tablet tablet – the recommended dosage on the packet for adults and the elderly is two tablets one hour before you go to bed, and isn’t recommended for anyone under the age of 18. I tend to find that my sleeping was more disturbed on nights where I know that I have to be up the next day for university; as this created extra anxiety. So this extra investment on relaxing is making a real difference in me being able to sleep and reducing my anxiety.
Both of these products were easily accessible from Boots and at very affordable prices – the two products together only came to about £6, which is amazing value for the benefit I’m having from using these products. I hope that you all found this post helpful, because I’m sure everyone goes through times of disturbed sleep and it really is a nightmare. Thank you for reading, and I’ll look forward to speaking to you again soon,
Shelley x


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