Christmas Decorations 2015

Hello everyone! Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it’s Christmas time already; this year has flown by so so fast. But nevertheless, Christmas is my all time favourite time of year; and one of the best parts of it is making your home super festive and pretty! As this is my first Christmas with my blog, I wanted to do some Christmassy themed posts; so why not start with showing you all our decorations in the family home! I have just come home from university for the Christmas season, and the first thing I wanted to do when I got back was decorate the house and get into the Christmas spirit!



Around the house. I love decorations around the house almost as much as I love the Christmas trees themselves, for example having fairy lights on every staircase makes the whole house cosy and warm, yet isn’t overpowering. And how can I not mention candles.. it’s no secret that I am so obsessed with candles, and the smell of Christmas themed ones takes my love for them to a whole new level. I am particularly loving the Christmassy themed candles from Yankee this year. Also for around the house, little cute decorative piece such as cushions, and this heart which I added a red ribbon to just add to the creation of a pretty, cosy, festive home.

Twig tree –  Sitting Room. Although this is an unconventional tree, I love it. I think the warm colours of it instantly make a room feel much cosier. We always decorate this tree with simple, natural colours that compliment the colour of the wood. So there was various crystal-looking decorations which I think are so simple yet so beautiful which go perfectly with the fairy lights. And secondly, with pine cone decorations with a gold hint which compliment the colour of the wood.

Main tree  (real) – Lounge. Again with the main tree, this year we chose to go for natural, simple colours, and not an over the top amount of decorations; to create a warm, cosy, beautiful tree. The smell of a real tree is a-m-a-z-i-n-g, an when the whole room is filled with it I can’t help but get in the Christmas spirit.

I hope that you all enjoyed this festive post, and thank you so much for reading. I absolutely love decorating and photographing how pretty it looks; and also looking at how everyone else decorates too! Speak to you soon,
Shelley x


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