Four Yankee Candles you need this Christmas

Good morning everyone! Today’s post is another Christmas related one, I mean you can never be too festive. These are my four favourite Yankee Candles for the Christmas season, which I wanted to share with you all today. I have previously mentioned Yankee Candles in ‘My Three Favourite Candles’ post; and I just simply love Yankee Candles; for their smells, their packaging, and their quality. So lets get talking candles…


Christmas Eve – small jar candle £8.99: I actually came across this candle last year, and oh my goodness I fell in love with it; although I was hesitant at first to actually light it before Christmas eve.I honestly think that if I could sum up the excitement and the festivity of Christmas Eve into a smell; this candle does it justice; and at such an affordable price you just can’t go wrong.

Snow in Love – medium jar candle £18.99:  Now I didn’t actually get this candle at Christmas time, and I do light it all year round; but the smell of it is absolutely divine and the packaging with the cute little red hearts matches perfectly for the Christmas season. If you’ve read my previous post on my three favourite candles you’ll already know how much I l-o-v-e this one!

Simply home – Pantry Spice – When we were getting out the Christmas decorations this year, we found this delight that had been bought but not yet used and I honestly can’t believe we hadn’t used it sooner; it smells absolutely amazing; so cosy and homely and perfect for a festive cold night I personally think.

Cranberry Ice – Medium Jar £18.99: this candle is a less typical ‘Christmas smell’, it is much sweeter and candy-like; but I absolutely love it and I like having a good mix of different scents. This candle has been placed in the dining area this year; which I think is absolutely perfect as the smell really does match Christmas foods.

I hope that you all enjoyed this post, and thank you all so much for reading! I’ll look forward to getting more festive posts out for you soon. But in the meantime, what are your favourite Christmas candles?
Shelley x


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