Ginger festivities

With only one week to go until Christmas, I thought it was about time that I decorated this year’s ginger bread decorations and ginger bread house. You really don’t have to be amazing at decorating for this, and you certainly don’t need a lot of decorations for it; it is a simple, festive activity that I absolutely love doing. I feel as though Christmas is a time when I really like to invest in creative things that spread the festive cheer; and decorating these ginger biscuits and ginger bread house really has become a ritual I wouldn’t want to miss out on.


For this, all I used was the ginger biscuit set and ginger house set which were both from IKEA, some silver decorative balls, and a tube of pipe white icing from my local supermarket. As much as I admire ginger bread houses that are bright and colourful, a simply decorated one fits best with this year’s Christmas decorations; and silver is definitely one of my favourite colours anyway. Not only do I love decorating these and making them look pretty to make lovely decorations, the smell of ginger is absolutely gorgeous and just so perfect to add to a room throughout the festive season.

With the biscuits, string can simple be added through the holes for them to be hung on a Christmas tree, or various places around the house. And with the ginger bread house, I simply cover a piece of cardboard with foil as a base for it; which is a simple inexpensive way.

So there we have it, this year’s finished ginger bread house and ginger biscuit decorations. I always think that when doing things like this, they really don’t have to look ‘perfect’ or mega fancy, the enjoyment of participating in the activity is what matters, and lets not deny that we all have a few failures actually assembling the house when it just keeps slipping (agh). But nevertheless, I just love how festive it feels. Of course, when doing this I had to be accompanied by a warm hot chocolate and my favourite Christmas films while I was decorating away.

I hope that you all enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading! I hope you’re all feeling as festive as I am, and drop me a comment below of what your favourite things are to get you in the Christmas spirit!
Shelley x


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