My Style New Years Resolutions inspired by Farfetch

Hello everyone! Now, when Christmas time comes around so does the New Year; and there’s no better way to head into a new year with a clear set of resolutions. This year I’ve come up with 5 new year’s resolutions reflecting my style preferences, getting my inspiration from Farfetch. Farfetch has 300 fashion boutiques and website filled with a range of gorgeous styles for every occasion you could possibly think of. Once I discovered their website I was hooked on scrolling through admiring various pieces which I know will be perfect for my wardrobe.

(All the products mentioned in this post I have selected myself form and here’s where you can browse for yourself…


Resolution 1 – Go smart and chic – Looking smart, elegant, and classy is a look we all strive to create; and I find that this can easily be achieved with a few simple yet elegant pieces to mix and match and create various different looks. Adding more class and ‘chic’ to my wardrobe is exactly how I want to kick off my new year. I went onto the farfetch website and picked out my three favourite blouses, and my three various bottoms which I thought would be perfect.

1) Valentino pussybow blouse 

2) Salvatore Ferragamo long sleeve top 

3) Ralph Lauren sleeveless ruffle blouse

1) MSGM high waisted straight trousers Find this at…

2) Dolce & Gabana loop knit skirt Find this at…

3) Dorothy Schumacher cropped tailored trousers Find this at…

I think these six items above are simple, elegant, classy pieces that can be styled with a range of different things to create so many different smart and chic looks. I find I get so much more value for my money when I buy items that can be styled in various different ways; which is why I selected these six easy pieces.

Resolution 2 – The Perfect Bag – DKNY logo charm tote: Find this at…

Now this year I intend to be more organised, and for me, having the perfect bag is a major part in making that happen. Also for me, having the right bag on arm completes my outfit, and does such a good job at boosting my spirit and confidence for the day. As weird as this sounds, I honestly feel ‘naked’ without having a bag I love besides me wherever I go

As I’m heading into the new year, I know that I’m in need of a reasonable sized, easy to hold, and a good quality bag; that I’m able to store my essentials in when I’m on the go rushing around the city running my daily rituals. And by scrolling around the Farfetch website; I stumbled across this DKNY tote and oh my goodness… I’m in love.
The fact that it also has two ways to hold this bag is such an added bonus; which means this same gorgeous bag can be used for numerous occasions dependent on what I’m getting up to within the day.

Resolution 3 – body confidence and embracing ‘what’s underneath’ – okay so this resolution is edging over to the personal side, but I feel as though improving body confidence is something which everyone wishes for and tries to achieve. One of my ideas for improving my body confidence; would be investing in more good quality, attractive lingerie; because I’m sure all you girls out there know that you instantly feel pretty and feminine when you put them on. So these are my top three lingerie pieces which I absolutely love and can be easily mix and matched:

Fleur Du Mal Cat lace panties: I absolutely love lace, I think it’s super pretty; and any lace pair of underwear I own I automatically feel super feminine, and attractive.

Fleur Du Mal rose lace balconette bra: Find this at… This same bra in blue and black are two of my favourite picks. This shade of blue is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful detailing. Also, the black elements to the bra makes it perfect to mix and match; and a black bra itself can be matched with so many outfits and lingerie.

Resolution 4 –  look good, feel good – now this one might seem a little cliche, but after the Christmas season when we’ve all indulged too much in festive foods, and as a result probably don’t feel too healthy. So I can’t think of a better plan than to enter the New Year with some new exercise gear to motivate myself. I personally think that if you want to look good and feel good, it’s not just about doing the exercise; its about what you wear when you do it. For instance, I know I’d be sooo much more motivated to get working out with some gorgeous work out gear.

Calvin Klein sports bra:
First things first when it comes to exercise – you need a good quality sports bra; and I think I may have found the perfect one. This one by Calvin Klein is simple, attractive, and will give me the support and comfort I need for a good workout session.

Helmut Lang racerback tank top:

Another of my go-to items I’d need to have in my wardrobe would be a simple, stylish, good quality tunic. My preference is to have fitted ones over baggy ones; embracing your shape and showing off your hard work.

Resolution 5 – don’t hold back – this last resolution relates to me working on embracing my individuality, and not holding back on things in fear of what others may think; so this may relate to fashion choices, or life choices. So, regarding fashion; as I head into the new year I want to ensure that I’m making fashion choices that represent who I am. By flicking through the Farfetch website I’m filled with so much inspiration; that I’m now ready to head into the New Year with a clear idea of what my style is:

Gianvito Rossi Business pumps

Joseph single button blazer

Burberry London lace shirt dress 

I absolutely love dressing in simple colours, simple pieces, that create smart and elegant looks.Although, I don’t have as much pieces as I would like in my wardrobe that reflect this; so as part of my resolution of not holding back I want to embrace the smart, elegant look I strive for and reflect this in my fashion choices. I think that its really important to embrace your own personal style; everyone is unique and has their own styles, preferences, and fashion choices!

So, I hope that you all enjoyed this post; my style resolutions using inspiration from Farfetch. What are your resolutions for the New Year? 

Shelley x


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