Keeping a positive mindset

Hello everyone! For today’s post I wanted to talk about a subject that pretty much every human being can relate to, because everyone has moments where they feel low, and pessimistic. I especially find that the months of January and February are the months where I can, if I let it happen, slip into a state of pessimism and have no motivation, so that’s why it’s the crucial time for me to focus on my positive mindset. So here are my top tips:


1) Eat healthily and exercise: this point might sound a little cliche, but looking after your body will instantly make you feel better about yourself, and motivated. When I eat rubbish, and laze around, it can very easily lead me to a cycle of un-productivy, and feeling low about myself. Whereas when I focus on healthy meals, fit in regular exercises, and pay attention to my health and appearance I certain feel full of energy, motivated, and much more positive.

2) Don’t compare yourself to others: I’m totally aware that this piece of advice is a hard one to stick to, and I can’t deny that I do compare myself to others; but I can definitely say that I’ve taught myself into doing it much much less. I feel as though if you spend your time comparing yourself to how others look, what other people have, or how other people appear to be; it’s very easy to lose sight of your own life, and the positives in it. I sometimes like to just take a break from social media etc. and take in my life, and take the time to appreciate the good things I have; and that comparing to myself to other people doesn’t do me any good. Being confident in their own skins, and being happy with who they are, is something that every single person deserves to feel; and working on a positive mindset and having confidence is a big part in achieving that.

3) Surround yourself with the right people: this piece of advice seems like kind of an obvious point, but as I’ve grown up and matured I’ve had time to reflect on previous years, and see damage to myself that has been caused as a result of surrounding yourself by the wrong kind of people. It’s a given that having a good support network around you can go a long way in creating positivity, confidence, and drive; and quite the opposite when its vise versa. I would say that for me, over the past year, a lot has changed in my life; and heading into 2016 I’ve got a much better range of people who I find myself truly happy with; and I can see the difference it’s made in my mindset, and keeping me thinking positive on a daily basis.

 4) Plan and Writing down feelings: this piece of advice is something that always works for me, and that might just be me personally, but nevertheless I want to share it with you all. For me, planning things in advance to look forward to is something that always motivates me to get through whatever it is I’m working through that is bringing my spirits down; whether it’s university work, emotional stress, not feeling well – you name it. Planning not only relaxes me, but reminds me that there’s a reward for getting through whatever I’m finding difficult; and that is creating wonderful memories with great people. Following this, writing down my feelings is one of my coping strategies for when I’m feeling stressed, or my anxiety is bad, or I’m feeling low; and once I’ve written how I feel down I feel like a weight is instantly taken off my shoulders, and feel much more relaxed. Also, it makes me feel positive and proud to read back on previous diary entries, as doing so reminds me that I managed to pull through whatever it was at the time, and that better things are always around the corner.

So there we have it, four different ways that help me maintain a positive mindset. I hope that this post was helpful for any of you, and thank you so much for reading. How do you stay positive?
Shelley x


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