My Everyday Makeup Ft bareMinerals

Hello everyone! It occurred to me that I’ve never actually shared on my blog my go-to makeup look I wear most days, excluding special occasions; and seeing as I’ve acquired more makeup over the past month I thought now was the perfect time to share it with you guys. This is a simple, quick, and easy look; and although it includes mainly products by bareMinerals: this post is in no way sponsored, they just genuinely happen to be my favourite makeup brand as I have stated before.


 First things first, after moisturising my face, I apply my primer and some vaseline; my lips get especially dry during the winter.

Then I move onto foundation, and my all time favourite is the bareMinerals matte foundation powder; in shade fairly light. I buff this into my skin using the full flawless face brush using small amounts at a time that I then build up until I reach the coverage I’m after.

 Next up a highlight for underneath my eyes to brighten them up; which is especially essential on early mornings. For this I use the bareMinerals well rested face & eye brightener; which I actually got as part of my ‘glow all the way’ set. You can read a first impressions of the set here:

I then use my bareMinerals warmth powder and blush (which is again from the glow all the way set) to give my face colour and life. I apply both of which with the flawless face brush. I apply the warmth powder as if I’m drawing a number three on my face, and then the blush on the apples of my cheeks. The colour of these combined is perfect for my pale complexion, as it gives me a healthy looking glow without making me look too dark.

I finish off my face makeup with the bareMinerals mineral veil which I dust lightly over my face to help set my makeup using the flawless face brush. I honestly do see a massive difference when I use this in how long my face stays looking matte.

Now due to this being a simple, everyday look I would realistically only be using mascara, and a hint of eyeliner on my eyes: because on an everyday basis I find too much eye makeup uncomfortable.  At the moment I’ve been using the bareMinerals lash domination mascara, which I actually got as a Christmas present along with a lipgloss as a sweet little set, and I love it. For my everyday eyeliner, I take this brown eyepencil from the body shop, which is nice and subtle which is what I like for an everyday look.

To finish off, I like to add a tad of lipgloss – unless its on a windy day may I add. And today I decided to go for the mini lipgloss which came with my mascara previously mentioned:

The finished look:

So  there we have it, my simple and quick everyday makeup look. I’m not in any way claiming that the way I apply my makeup is ‘right’ or ‘perfect’; I just wanted to share it with you guys and I hope you enjoyed it. May I just point out that my skin type is a mixture of both dry areas, and oily ares; and has acne scarring; and all of the products I’ve mentioned are what has worked for me the best, what I feel comfortable in, and what seems to have benefit to my skin.

Thank you for reading,
Shelley x


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