Three changes I want to make in my second term of university

Hello everyone! As this is my first post of 2016 I want to wish you all a happy new year, and I wish you all the best for the year to come. Today I wanted to sit down and write a post relating to my university life; and what I’ve learnt in my first term of being they’re, and what changes I need to make as I enter my second term. I can’t deny that my first term has been filled of many ups and downs, and has flown by quicker than I ever imagined it could. But being home for Christmas has given me a chance to reflect on my first semester, and taught me what I need to be doing as I enter my second.

Go home more often – this point is probably a bit of an unexpected one, but throughout my first semester I didn’t go home often at all and this led me to become feeling very low, and very homesick. In one sense, it was good for me to be able to stick it out in my first semester and not come home that often; to prove to myself that I can do it etc. but the reality has sunk into me over the Christmas holidays how important it is to keep the support of my family close to me, especially when I’m studying far from home. 

Plan plan plan – this second change I need to make is a vital one. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but as a student keeping a diary or having a calendar pinned up on your notice board with your dates in, and being able to manage your time properly, will make such a huge difference. Not only will me planning more enable me to feel more ‘on top’ of things; which will go a long way to help deal with my stress and anxiety, it will also help me realise that I have something to look forward to, or make me look at my weeks in manageable chunks when I’m finding times difficult. I know that I’ve always loved to be a super organised person, so this will be an easy change to adapt to: I just know that in my first few months of university I really let this slack as I was adjusting to a new lifestyle and a new environment. But now I’m heading into my second semester, I know my routine and it’s time to take advantage of the fact that I’m settled and plan and organise as much as I can.

Make the most of every opportunity – This third change is in relation to countless times I can remember where I’ve chosen not to do something, or not take full advantage of a good opportunity purely out of what others may think, fear, or my anxiety. I’m heading into 2016 with a much more positive mindset, and as being at university is an environment that provides me with so many different situations, and different opportunities and people to meet: a positive mindset to make the most of what I get can only be a good thing. 

I hope that this post has been perhaps helpful to others in situations similar to  me, or for anyone else wanting to make positive changes to their life in the new year. As much as it may seem ‘unrealistic’ to completely reinvent yourself in a short space of time, it’s absolutely right that everyone can make positive changes to their life with the right mindset and the right support on board. I think the key is realising what you want, and what changes you want to make. So for me, my aim right now is to focus on aspects in my life that have an effect on my university life; so that I make the most of my time there, and find both manageable and enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you all the best for 2016!
Shelley x


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