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Hello everyone! I wanted to do a different kind of post today and share with you some home decoration inspiration I’ve found. If you’ve read my previous post on the ‘changes that 2016 will bring for me’ you’ll have seen that I mentioned that in the summer I’ll be moving into an apartment. So I thought why not start getting inspiration nice and early, of how to make it as homely, and reflect my taste as best as possible.


(I’d also just like to declare that the photos in this post of the products are not my own, and come from the links provided next to each)

Marks and Spencer Rose Photo Frame: Find this here

I think that photo frames are an essential to making a place feel homely, especially so when it’s not the family home. It’s no secret that I get homesick, so I want to fill the place with pictures of me and my family, not to mention that they just look super pretty. I really like this one from Marks and Spencer’s; the border is simple, but pretty and would go perfectly against the plain walls.

Debenams Home Collection White fern embossed soap dispenser: Find this here

Although this may be a small, and not an essential item, I think that having pretty decorative bathroom accessories make it seem so much more appealing and more homely. I really like the simple, elegant look of this soap dispenser; along with the other pieces in this range.

IKEA set of 3 basket containers: Find this here

I really like these, and think that they’re a really nice and handy idea for storing toiletries away in the bathroom. I literally have so many products (probably too much), and having somewhere to store them that looks nice is definitely an essential item I need to be getting.

IKEA white fluffy blanket: Find this here

Having a big cosy blanket/throw is an absolute essential for your bed or for your sofa; and for me the cosier and fluffier; the better. The great thing about the low price of these is that you can mix and match with the colours, and pick and chose when to use what.

Matalan Wicker Laundry Basket: Find this here

Again, going with the theme of white, simple pieces; I really like this wicker laundry basket from Matalan. It’s the perfect size for two, and can be stored away easily due to its low height. I love the effect of wicker, I think it gives off a really homely and authentic feel.

IKEA diamond fairy lights: Find this here

I absolutely love fairy lights, for me they just instantly make a room look more cosy, and more homely; and you can put them in such a number of places. IKEA do some really affordable ones, which is perfect for the fact that I’m a student. I really like these ones particularly because of the diamond shape, as oppose to the standard shape; and I like the fact that they give off a warm light rather than a really sharp white one which is less cosy.

IKEA white and grey bedding: Find this here

I’ve had bedding from IKEA many times before, they’re affordable and this grey and white one goes perfectly with the theme I’m thinking of going with. I wanted something on the plainer side, and something that we’d both like; so you really can’t go wrong with the simple colours.

House of Fraser Column vase: Find this here

I adore this vase from House of Fraser, it’s simple, not too large, and with it being clear; any colour of flower could be added to it. I think this would be perfect for on the dining room table as a center piece; especially for the summer months.

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this post, and feel free to let me know what you think. Do any of you love searching for home decoration ideas?
 Shelley x


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