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Outfit of the Night – Valentines meal

Happy Valentines Day everyone! This day really isn’t just about being in a relationship, it’s about all your loved ones in your life. and I think it’s such a nice thing to have a day dedicated to showing your love and appreciation for the special people in your life. So, in light of this day, I thought I’d share with you my outfit I wore for my Valentine’s meal.


High neck top: Marks and Spencer

Light Pink high waisted fitted trousers: Marks and Spencer

Jewellery: Pandora – necklace, charm and earrings

Court heels: Marks and Spencer Limited Edition

Sparkly clutch bag: Boohoo 

The look I aimed to create was a classy, chic look; and I thought the trousers were a crucial element in creating that look. I also decided to have my hair back off my face, which isn’t only more convenient for eating a meal; but I just felt as though it added to the elegance of the look I was striving for.

Me and my boyfriend went to Zizi Italian restaurant in Newcastle, where we stuffed ourselves with yummy food and drinks. No surprise I went for white wine, and he decided to go for a Peach flavoured cocktail.

 I didn’t other photos of the night, as I decided to embrace the special occasion, and as I’m usually glued to my phone and camera I decided to take a little break. Nevertheless, I still wanted to share my outfit with you; and I hope you’ve enjoyed this short post!

Shelley x


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