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The Denim Dress

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d share how I chose to style today one of my all time favourite dresses – this super cute denim dress fro Levi’s. Levi’s has some absolutely lovely denim pieces that I think are so perfect for the summer and heading on holiday. 


I absolutely love summery dresses, and given that we’ve had some lovely sunny days recently I thought I’d make the most of the opportunity and whip this one out. I really love collars – whether it’s on a dress, a blouse, or a shirt; it’s just something that I always love and I love that this collar can be done up for more a elegant, sophisticated look; or unbuttoned for a more casual look.

The second thing that I love about this dress is the fact that it buttons all the way down and has a belt detail; tying it up in a little bow makes it look even prettier, which I think is perfect for a summery day.

It’s such a lightweight material, so it’s perfect for even wearing abroad in a hot country, even with the collar done up. I think this dress is absolutely perfect for a day of walking and exploring, or perhaps a lunch date etc. and it’s definitely going to be packed in my suitcase for my summer holiday’s this year.

I’m loving that the sunny weather is starting to arrive and the summer fashion that comes along with it. The sun just makes me feel super happy, and whipping out more colourful pieces, and more dresses and shirts can only be a good thing right?

I hope that you enjoyed this look, and let me know in the comments below what you think!
Shelley x


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