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Lookbook – short summer dresses

Hello everyone! For today’s post I wanted to share a little look book of three of my favourite short summer dresses, despite the miserable weather outside. I absolutely love getting the chance to wear a dress, and get my legs out during the summer, especially with that bronzed tan. So lets get onto the dresses:

Zara A Line Dress shop this here

I picked up this dress just this weekend for an amazing price of £12.99. I thought this would make a perfect smart-casual dress for both summer occasions paired with sandals, or also for winter styled with thick tights and boots. This shape of dress is probably my favourite, as I feel as though it’s the best shape for my figure, and are super comfy to walk around in.

Levi’s Strauss denim dress. Shop Levvi’s dresses here

You’ll know that I absolutely love collars; whether it’s on a dress, a blouse, or a shirt; it’s just something that I always love, and I particularly like that this collar can be done up for more a elegant, sophisticated look; or unbuttoned for a more casual look. Also, tying up the little bow makes this dress look even prettier – perfect for a summery day. This dress is such a lightweight material, so it’s perfect for even wearing abroad in a hot country, even with the collar done up. I think this dress is absolutely perfect for a day of walking and exploring, or perhaps a lunch date etc.

Striped Fred Perry Dress. Shop Fred Perry Dresses here

This third dress, again, is incredibly comfy. I infact chose to wear this dress whilst travelling on my recent holiday, as it’s such a soft yet light weight material. Blues and Whites are without a doubt my favourite colours to wear over the summer months, and although I”m not a massive fan of patterns I love a stripe. I think the little waist belt to this dress adds that little bit more, and makes it look that little bit more sophisticated. 

So there we have it, three of my favourite short dresses for the summer. I hope that you all enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! Where’s your favourite summer dress from?

Shelley x


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