Weight, Diets and Body Confidence?

Hello everyone, for today’s post I wanted to sit and write about something a little bit more in depth and personal. If you’ve been following my posts on social media, and seen my previous blog post which was a hotel review; you’ll know that I’ve recently been on holiday to Rhodes with my boyfriend. Coming back home from that holiday, I’ve began to really think about body confidence, what it means, and whether I have it?


I’d say over the past two to three year’s I’ve been a lot more concerned about how my body looks, about my weight, and about how much, and what I’m eating. Over these two years my feelings towards my figure have fluctuated; one month I’d feel as though I was ‘too fat’ and the next I’d feel like I was ‘too thin’; but over these years I’ve seen a growth in my confidence in my own skin, and the way my body is. When I first made the decision to go on my first diet, I did it with the intention just to lose a couple of pounds to look better; not because I was overweight or anything, but just because I personally felt that I’d look and feel better if I lost a couple extra pounds. I was successful with this, and I reached a weight I was happy with. Although, it wasn’t long until I began to feel that this new weight was ‘too big’ and I started to become more and more obsessive with checking my weight, and counting my calorie intake. This pattern of me being happy, then unhappy has fluctuated over the past year and a half I’d say; but when I was on my recent holiday my mindset changed…

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I was on my holiday with the best company I could wish for, in a beautiful location, totally relaxed, and surrounded by so many delicious foods. I decided, there and then, that I would refuse to worry about calories and whether I would perhaps gain weight, and just enjoy everything about my holiday; and I did, and I loved it. I was enjoying so many delicious foods, cocktails, wine, and being totally calm about all of it. My mindset changed, and I began to realise that maintaining a healthy weight is all about balance. I feel as though everyday I’m grasping a better attitude towards what I eat, and gaining more body confidence, and learning to be happy with the way I am; rather than comparing myself to others, and getting bogged down in the numbers. Now that I’ve returned back home, instead of falling back into the old habit of counting my calories to the exact, and not allowing myself to have certain foods; I’ve remained a firm believer that it’s all about balance.

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I can without a doubt say that there are a few things that are part of my lifestyle that help me gain a much more positive attitude, and thus more body confidence. Firstly, embracing my style is something that makes me feel, almost liberated, and gives me confidence in expressing myself and the looks I love. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t feel particularly good about myself if I was in sweats, or something that I hadn’t put thought into piecing together; yet when I put on an outfit I love I instantly feel good about  myself. And the older I get, the more my style develops and grows.

Another thing that without a doubt makes me feel good on both the inside, and the outside is exercise. Not only does it make me feel good in terms of knowing it’s good for my body, and helping me stay in shape; but also due to the fact that it releases endorphin’s, and it puts me in such an energized, positive mood for the day. Aside from cardio, the main focus of my exercise is on toning my abs, legs, and bum; because I feel as though there the areas that when I work on them, help boost my confidence the most. Even if I just do something as little as a ten minute ab workout on a day when I’m lounging in the house, it can make me feel so much better, and more positive.

I hope that you all enjoyed this post, and thank you so much for reading. I really enjoy sitting and writing about much more in-depth posts, and I’m putting in the time and effort to try improve the quality of my blog posts. My blog is another way that I’m able to express myself, and I appreciate every single view, or comment I get. 

Speak to you soon, Shelley x


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