How to: Platinum Blonde

Hello everyone! I very recently decided to go for a rather drastic hair change, and dye my hair platinum blonde; and as this is a fairly difficult colour to achieve I thought I’d put together a post on exactly how I got the result.


I have to admit, going platinum blonde didn’t feel like too much of a ‘risky move’ for me, nor did I feel overly cautious about bleaching my hair; as I’ve been bleaching my hair on and off for the past 5 years or so. I keep my hair short; cutting away dead ends regularly and my hair is thick and oily so I’d say that it has coped with bleaching for so long pretty well, obviously accompanied by a hair care routine along the way. I’m well aware that bleaching is damaging to the hair, and that’s why putting in the effort for a good hair-care routine is an essential. 

The hair dye I went for is the L’oreal Paris Preference Extreme Platinum. I’ve past this in drug stores countless times, and always been too much of a wuss to actually go for it; but I finally did it. It’s safe to say that just using this dye alone lightened my hair a lot. However, there still remained a few yellow-ish tones throughout my hair, although it wasn’t half as bad as what I expected.

To counteract this, after two days I used the Provoke silver shampoo and matching conditioner. I left the shampoo in my hair for around 5 minutes; I didn’t want to leave it any longer as I didn’t want to risk any overly silver/purple tones. But if you’re wanting to achieve silver hair, you may want to use the shampoo more often or leave it in for a little longer.

After washing  my hair with these, I also applied the Toni and Guy Reconstruction Mask to add some extra moisture back into my hair. Although I have to say that my hair didn’t end up any where near as dry as what I was expecting after bleaching it such a light colour.

If you’d be interested in a hair-care routine on how I treat and maintain my hair then let me know in the comments below!

Speak to you soon, Shelley x


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