Pink Nails with Barry M

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to dedicate a post to two my favourite pink shades from Barry M that I’ve been loving for this summer. I absolutely love painting my nails, all year round; and I love trying out different shades to match different looks and seasons. 


Barry M Nail Paint – Ballerina: 
I think that the name for this shade does it complete justice; it’s such a soft, elegant pink that I really love. I actually chose to wear this colour for my birthday recently, as I thought the softness and elegance to it was absolutely perfect for a classy night time look. The instructions advice to apply a base coat before applying this, and excluding my base coat I actually only needed one coat of this; it went on super thick and left a glossy finish which I love.

Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint – Aloha:
 Now, this shade of pink is something that I haven’t really tried out before; but once I put this on all I could do was wonder why the hell I’d been avoiding it because I really like it; although I’d probably save this for the summer months only. It’s such a bright, vibrant pink that’s super long lasting. What I love most about this is the coconut infusion which aims to hydrate your nails and strengthen the condition; which can only be a good thing right?

This nail paint, unlike the Ballerina one, advises for the full benefit of the product, that a base coat shouldn’t be applied; and I can only assume that that’s so your nails can take in the full benefit of the coconut goodness. And out of the two, I would say that this left a better finish.

So there we have it, two pink shades  by Barry M that I’m absolutely loving this summer! Have you ever tried either of these before? And what colours are you loving this summer?

Speak to you soon, Shelley x


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