Kiko Smart Eye Pencil

Hello everyone! So I have another beauty post today, and this is the last out of my three recent Kiko product reviews. Today I’m putting the spotlight on the Kiko Smart Eye Pencil in the shade 809; which as you can see is such a gorgeous blue colour. So, let’s discuss my thoughts on it…

I absolutely love this shade of blue, it instantly stood out to me; and at a bargain price of   £1.20 how can you not buy it? I didn’t actually go into Kiko looking for an eye pencil, but as I was edging towards the till there was a big clearance section filled with these eye pencils – and I couldn’t resist the temptation at such a good price.

This shade is a lovely blue with a hint of sparkles to it, and I just thought not only is it super pretty but it’ll  compliment the blue colour of my eyes. I wanted to spice up my eye makeup looks and add some colour into it, rather than always using a black or brown liner.

The only fault I found with this eyeliner was that the pigmentation isn’t that strong – I had line my waterline for a while before the colour was visible enough. But saying that, at such a small price I wouldn’t have really expected any more, and the colour is just so pretty. As you can see below, I just thought that this colour complimented my eyes, and I’ve never had a bright eyeliner before so I thought with it being summer it was the right time to mix it up.

One thing that I consistently really like about Kiko is the packaging – I love how simple it is – just plain black and white yet still so attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I love pretty patterns and bright colours too – but there’s just something about the simplicity to this that stands out to me.

Have you ever tried out this eye pencil before, or other eye products form Kiko? If so, what do you think of it? Overall I’m so impressed with this liner; although the pigmentation of the colour wasn’t as bold and bright as I had hoped for; I think for such a low price you really can’t complain – and it’s not as if it doesn’t do the job.

Thank you for reading, until next time,
Shelley x


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