M&S Summer Fragrances

Hello everyone! Today we’re talking beauty; and I wanted to do a product spotlight on two of the perfumes I have from Marks and Spencer. I find these mini bottles so sweet and incredibly convenient; they’re perfect for taking with me on holiday, or sticking in my handbag when it’s one of those long days.

Although I’ve had various different perfumes from Marks and Spencer, these two are the perfect scents for summer, and even more so the colours of the bottles. Describing scents is difficult, but I couldn’t not share these with you; and just take my word for it that they smell amazing and so summery. And as I photographed the two of them together for this post, I realise how summery they look as a pair.

You can, of course, get these in full size, but I wanted to go for the mini versions as I think they’re the perfect size to carry around with me and take on holiday; and with me being able to take them with me so conveniently I know that I’ll get a lot more use out of them. 


Limited Collection White Eau de Toilette 30ml shop this here
This is described as ‘an elegant citrus scent blossoming into graceful hints of white floral and warm fruit’. This one smells elegant and florally, with a hint of fruits coming through to sweeten it up. I used this one when I recently went to Rhodes for the evening, and it was perfect. I think the plain bottle with the hint of green sums up the scent perfectly. 

Island Sunset – 25ml shop this here
When I first smelt this fragrance I instantly felt excited about my next summer holiday, and made the decision there and then that this will definitely be coming with me. A sweet scent of vanilla comes through, alongside mandarin and ginger which smells super exotic; it’s literally the smell you’d think of if you had to describe a holiday to somewhere lovely and hot. I absolutely love the colourful bottle of this one. Also, unnrelated to the scent, this product comply’s with cruelty-free regulations.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Have you tried any of the fragrances by Marks and Spencer before, ad if so, which is your favourite?

Speak to you soon, Shelley x


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