My Active Essentials & Motivaions with Adore Me

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to sit down and chat about my active essentials, motivations and my general inspiration for being healthy. I can put my hands up and admit that one summer comes to an end, and the colder months of Autumn and Winter loom over us I can get into a rump of not being as motivated – so I try encourage myself, and focus on things that push me all year round.  In collaboration with AdoreMe and their Active Wear range I’ve put together my essentials that I use to keep me active and motivated. You can shop their active wear here. And let’s get chatting about my essentials and tips…

1) Finding the right wear: For me, having a set of work out gear really encourages me to get exercising –  I absolutely love my Nike Jacket – it’s super comfy; and if I even just look at it sitting in my draw I get the urge to be putting it to good use. I suppose this point is like any kind of fashion – the right outfit can go a long way for changing your mindset and mood. For me, having the right work out gear is both motivational, and inspirational as I spend a lot of time lusting over new pieces. 

The AdoreMe Active wear range covers a wide range of colours and styles for all different sizes which is great – fitness is for everyone!  I’ve selected my favourite piece below and you can shop this here

I also have a discount code for any of you who want to go check out AdoreMe (NEWSTUFF) – however this doesn’t apply to the active wear.

2) Quick and Easy healthy snacks: I think when you’re being active, exercising and what not healthy eating plays a big part in that – and healthy snack ideas can be so quick and easy. I love making smoothies with the Nutri-ninja – I love that you can throw in pretty much everything, and create so many different tasty smoothies – for on the go, or at home. As well as this, staying hydrated is super important – I honestly feel so much better on the inside and out when I’m looking after my body.

3) Creating the mood – Music: Another of my major active essentials is music  – I don’t know about you, but the right soundtrack can make me feel really pumped, full of energy, and really motivated – and it can be that final little push to get you going.

4) Inspiration – You can browse the Adore me Pinterest page here which is filled with their active wear, swimwear, lingerie – you name it – which ties in so well with all my points above – getting into shape, being healthy, and browsing for the right outfit. I have to admit, that one of my major sources of inspiration for healthy ideas, work out ideas, or just positivity is social media and the blogging sphere. I’m not saying it’s all positives and smiles you see – but I find myself reading up and browsing at loads of health and lifestyle posts and pages. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Speak to you soon, Shelley x

Shop Aore Me Active Wear Here

 Shop Adore Me Here


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