My Flight Bag Essentials

Hello everyone! In light of me going away on holiday next week, I wanted to put together a post on my flight bag essentials. Every single year I go away, I take the same selection of things with me on the plane – it’s a little ritual. So I thought this would be an interesting post to put together –  because to be honest I love knowing what other people take with them.

1) The Bag: This bag has been my ultimate flight bag for the past three years now – I remember getting it for my birthday and knowing straight away that was what I wanted to use it for, and for some reason I rarely use this bag for anything else. This is from Marks and Spencer and I just love the bright blue colour to it – it’s such a good size, has a strap that can be taken off but I find it so much easier to carry round the airport with it, and nice sized zip pockets inside for essentials. It’s just the colour that makes this my ultimate bag – it’s so perfect, it really makes me feel summery and it’s just the right size.

2) Magazine: I literally always have a magazine with me when I’m going away – even if it’s your 99p hello picked up in the airport. I love having something to flick through and read – it relaxes me. This year I’m taking my September ELLE magazine – I’ve saved it especially for my holiday because I know that’s the time I want to be reading it.

3) Book: The book I’m taking this year is Sex and the City by Candice Bushnell. I mean who hasn’t heard of sex and the city – I’ve seen every single episode, and films more times than I can count and I love it. And I just thought, why have I not read the book?! So I was lucky enough to get this as a birthday present from my boyfriend – and I’ve saved it to read when I’m away.

4) Beauty Bits: I’m not going to lie, there isn’t a lot of beauty bits that I take on the plane with me – because to be honest, I travel with absolutely no makeup and that’s the way I like it. But a little something to freshen up and moisturize my face, some lip balm, and a hair brush and that’s all I need.

Bee Good vanilla and honey lip balm – any lip balm does the trick for me – but I absolutely love this one it has such a lovely scent and I just think it being honey and vanilla is rather summer appropriate.

Paul Smith mini hair brush

Bloom and Blossom rejuvinating facial spritz – this came in my August lookfantastic beauty box – and I knew as soon as I got it that it would be perfect to take with my on the flight. Not only is it the perfect size for travelling, I just think a spritz to refresh and moisturise my face is the perfect solution when on a flight. I hate the feeling of being grubby or when my skin dries up – so I know this is going to come in handy.

5) Essentials: of course, and probably the most importantly in my flight bag will always be the essentials I need for actually going on holiday – i.e. my passport, my boarding pass, money etc – but honestly I really don’t want to bore anyone, or myself, by blabbering on about that.

6) Entertainment: I always like to take my ipad, my ipod, and obviously my phone. But because my phone is totally full with things like photos and apps, it works out best for me to use my ipod for music, and the fill my ipad with films and tv to keep me entertained. I absolutely love my cases – my ipad case is from Amazon, and my ipod case is such a sweet one from Radley.


7) Other essentials: Other personal essentials that I need with my on the daily include things like my purse, my glasses, sunglasses etc. I like to take a different purse on holiday to the one I use at home, just because I never want to risk losing any of my cards or what not – so I simply take a different purse only including the things I’d need when I’m away. This dotted one is from Cath Kidston.

So there we have it – there’s what’s in my flight bag ready to jet off -and writing up this post has definitely got me in the holiday spirit. What are your flight/travel essentials? 

Speak to you soon, Shelley x


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