Refreshing my Blonde with Jerome Russell – Bblonde

Hello everyone! Today we’re talking all about blonde hair – and I’m going to review two of the Jerome Russel Bblonde products which I was lucky enough to be sent, and was so excited to try out. You can shop their Bblonde range here

I tried out the Champagne blonde toner, and the lightening spray. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be just about to head of on a sunny holiday – and before I go on holiday refreshing my blonde locks is something I consider a necessity. So, first thing was for me to tone my hair; then try out the lightening spray to keep my colour refreshed.

Champagne Blonde Toner:
Out of the toners available, I decided to go for Champagne Blonde because it matched my existing hair colour the most; and I knew that it was going to give my hair the boost of fresh colour and vibrancy I was looking for. This is a non-permanent colour toner that lasts up to 8 washes – without ammonia or peroxide.

The application of this is so simple – it was a quick and easy job to freshen up my locks – so who can really complain? After washing the hair, but not conditioning – the toner should be applied to towel dried hair. This felt so nice to massage into my hair – and it had a nice scent rather than a chemically one that I’ve found with other toners or hair dyes.

Once massaged into my hair, I put all of my hair on top of my head and popped on a plastic cover, before applying 5 minutes of heat with the hair dryer, as the instructions state. The average development time for this is said to be 30 minutes, but dry hair could develop in around 10-15. Because my hair is a balance between normal and dry I went with 25 minutes development time – and this worked well for me.

I almost couldn’t believe at how simple and easy it was to freshen up my blonde hair with this. Once the development time was up I rinsed my hair thoroughly, blow dried my hair and anxiously waited until my hair was fully dry so that I could see the results.

This toner left my hair smelling fresh, and looking blonder and more full of life. I’m really impressed with this as such an affordable, yet professional looking way to freshen up your blonde locks.

Lightening Spray:
When I saw there was a lightening spray within the range, it was a definite pick for me. I love lightening sprays – I think they’re a really really easy way to lighten your hair and refresh your blonde – and as I’ve said this is so perfect for before I go away. Now my hair is toned and refreshed, it’s time to use this to lighten it up.

This lightening spray clams to gradually lift your colour in 3+ uses, with 10 uses being the maximum resuts; and is suitable for shades ranging from blonde to light brown hair which I think is great. For me, summer and holiday means going that little bit blonder so this is my new best friend.

The instructions again are so easy to follow – the lightening spray should be applied to towel dried hair after washing and conditioning and then as you go in with the heat of blow drying your hair that’s when the magic starts to happen.

I love the packaging to both of these products – the black and gold design is simple yet so attractive.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! I absolutely love the result of these products, and I can’t wait to continually use the lightening spray and take it away with me! Have you tried anything from the Bblonde range?

Speak to you soon, Shelley x

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