What’s in my Holiday Makeup Bag

Hello everyone! For today’s post I thought I’d squeeze in a post about what makeup I like to take on holiday – it may seem like it’s the end of summer, but I’m actually heading away in a couple of days and I really wanted to get up another holiday reared post before the seasons change. Packing my makeup for a holiday is undoubtably one of my favourite parts.
The bag I use to store all my holiday makeup and jewellery is from Laura Ashely – I love the design to it and it’s just the perfect size – I’ve used it for a few years now and I’ve never not been able to fit everything I need inside.

BareMinerals Face Makeup: It’s no secret that I love my bareminerals makeup – so of course It’s coming away on holiday with me…

Bareminerals Matte Foundation – shade Fairly Light
Bare Minerals Rose Radiance powder – I wrote a whole review on this post because I love it so much, it’s such a versatile product an can be used as a blusher and bronzer combined.
Bare Minerals concealer in shade bisque – this shade is normally too dark for me, but I always bring it on holiday because as soon as I catch the sun it’s the perfect shade.
Mineral Veil and Warmth Powder – I’m actually bringing these two in  mini form; I don’t know if the photo displays just how miniature they are, but they couldn’t be more of a perfect size for taking away.
My brushes – the full flawless face brush, flawless face brush, and max coverage concealer brush.

Kiko Nail Polish – I picked this up only the other day – and oh my goodness how pretty is that colour?! I feel like the colour to this will go perfectly with bronzed skin – and I always, always have to be wearing a shimmery/sparkly nail colour whenever I go away.

Nuxe Oil – this travel sized version came in one of the recent lookfantastic beauty boxes and it couldn’t scream holiday more to me – this oil can be used for your hair, body and face – and the beautiful golden shimmer for will go hand in hand with a summer glow.

Kiko Lip Gloss Pencil  and Seventeen Lipgloss – shade Kiss the Stars
These two lip products actually make the perfect combination for my holiday lip – of course I’ll mix it up and wear the two separately but I love the look they create together. The Kiko lip gloss pencil is so sparkly I absolutely love it.

Onto other face  makeup:

Kiko Skin evolution concealer: I picked this up a couple of weeks ago in the shade 01 which I’m pretty sure is the lightest shade available – and although it was the tiniest bit too dark for me, I know that once I get a glow from the sun that it’ll be just right as with my bareminerals concealer. I wanted to bring this one along with me as well as my bareminerals powder based one so that I had a variety.

Marks and Spencer Autograph twist-up cheek highlighter – shade pearl – I absolutely love this highlighter it’s so easily bendable and gives of a subtle glow. Plus the fact that it’s in a twist-up stick style it makes it really travel friendly.

Eye makeup:

I may seem like I’m limiting myself by only taking three eyeshaddows away with me – which are all from The Body Shop Colour Crush range but I know myself and I took these three shaddows last year and they were all I needed and match well with my holiday wardrobe.
Shades: Blue Over You, Smokin Hot, Sand By Me

Kiko Smart Eye Pencil – shade 809 – I absolutely love the colour of this it’s such a nice sky blue colour with hints of sparkle – and I just think it  matches my eye colour nicely and has a summery vibe to it. I don’t always like wearing eyeliner, particularly heavy dark shades so I wanted to get a light shade.

The Boy Shop Eye Pencil – shade taupe – this is my go-to eye pencil for whenever I wear it, like I’ve just said I’m not a fan of dark heavy colours on my eyes, and I personally don’t think I suit it so this shade of brown is just right for me.

Natural Collection Lash Curl Mascara – shade brown/black -I really wanted to buy a super affordable mascara to go away with which is something I always do. I’m not that fussy about mascara’s, and I like to keep my higher end ones for like absolute best occasions so I picked this one up from Natural Collection to take away with me – and I have actually used this mascara before and it worked absolutely fine for me.

Other Bits and Bobs:

Bareminerals prime time, Renu Lip and Skin Active Lift , Spa magik beauty balm: these three products I all have in travel size form so they’re perfect to stick in with the rest of my makeup. Of course, the bareminerals prime time will work hand in hand with my foundation and powders; and has always been a favourite of mine. The Spa magik beauty balm isn’t a  necessity; but I wanted to bring it along with me, because during my holiday earlier this summer to Rhodes it really came in handy for a light cover of the blemishes on mornings when I didn’t want to wear a lot of makeup – because I’ll admit I like to be bare faced for the majority of it; but this was a super light cover up which was nice and moisturising.

Perfume: I always pick up a mini fragrance from Marks and Spencer before my holiday – it’s a little tradition that me and my mum do, and this year I picked up Island Sunset which smells exactly what the name states. These fragrances are so affordable, and the miniature sizes are just so perfect for travelling. I just love having a particular perfume just for taking away with me.

So there we have it – there’s the makeup I’m taking for 10 days in the sun! I hope that you enjoyed this post! I’m more than excited to be heading in the sun just before the summer comes to an end, and I loved putting this post together to get me in the holiday mood.

Speak to you soon, Shelley x

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