Percy and Reed Hair Wonder Balm

Hello everyone! Today I’m putting the spotlight on the Percy and Reed Hair wonder balm – that is a miracle in a bottle for my hair for helping prepare and style my hair. So, here are my first impressions…


First things first, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the packaging to this. I love that it’s quirky and different yet still so pretty at the same time – I don’t think I’ve had any beauty product with a design quite like it. I got this product as one of the thing in the August lookfantastic beauty box, and when I opened the box the packaging to this was what made me want to pick it up first.

This balm aims to prep and prime the hair so that it’s ready for styling – and claims to give more control with your styling and better results. The directions state to apply this to towel dried hair from the roots to ends – or can be worked sparingly into dry hair to give more definition. But so far I’ve only used it on towel dried hair, not fully dry.

So, after applying this to towel-dried hair I went in with my usual routine of blow-drying my hair – and I don’t know how but this literally made my hair dry so quickly, with much more reduced fly-away bits of hair – for an over all straighter, smoother finish. A lot of the time I like to just blow dry my hair, rather than go in with the straighteners afterwards – because I like the bouncy, more volumized finish to blow-drying and this balm was the perfect compliment.

As you can see it’s a clear consistency that looks almost like a gel, but it goes into your hair almost like a cream. I feel like it doesn’t feel as though it seeps into the skin, for me, it more feels as though it is a balm around your hair that almost feels like a primer. I’d say products like this are really difficult to sum up and describe in words – but all I can say is that it made a huge difference for my blow-dried hair look and my hair was left looking shinier and smoother.

So there we have it, my thoughts on the Percy and Reed Hair Wonder Blam – and yes, it really does work wonders in my opinion. Have you ever tried this before?

Speak to you soon, Shelley x

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