How I deal with my Stress and Anxiety

Hello everyone. A couple of weeks ago, I realised that World Mental Health Day was soon arising and it really inspired me to write this post – an honest chat on my stress and anxiety. I couldn’t think of a better day to post this than world mental health day. I know that when it comes to mental health issues, no two experiences are the same – and we all deal with things differently. But today I just wanted to sit and write about my own, and things I’ve changed to deal with my stress and anxiety. So, if you like the sound of this post get yourself comfortable – perhaps grab a cup of tea and let’s talk.

Planning, Writing lists, using a calendar:

This is so important for me. I’m a very organised person – whether it’s organising blog posts, anything university related, or my social life it makes me feel so much better when I have an outline of when I’m going to fit it all in, and how I’m going to manage my time. I can feel so over-whelmed at times, and as if there’s simply too much on my plate – but breaking down exactly what I’m going to do with my time eases so much stress and worry. 

Keeping a diary: 

As well as keeping a diary in the practical sense of a calendar, I also find it so therapeutic to take a pen and write things down. I can strongly say that no matter what I’m feeling, or what I’m dealing with, getting it off my chest – whether that’s through writing it in a diary, or having a long talk with someone I trust makes me feel so much better. It won’t erase the issue, but I find that it eases whatever I’m feeling knowing I’ve let it out or confided in someone close.

 My blog:

My blog is something that really relaxes me and something that I really enjoy doing – just like the effects of any other hobby. Sometimes after a really rubbish day, sitting down at my laptop and typing away about things that interest and excite me is a really nice way to forget about whatever has bothered me at that particular time. The point I’m making here is that focus on that little thing you do for yourself that makes you happy – even if it’s just for half an hour. 

Time for me:

I think this point is one we can all agree with – taking time for yourself, and giving yourself some tlc is so important. Every now and then I like to say to myself – right take this evening to switch off from the world – pamper yourself, run a hot bath, watch something you love on tv, eat something yummy for tea and just focus on yourself. I find myself needing to implement this when I have deadlines and I feel overwhelmed. For me, switching off and focusing solely on me even just for one weekend really helps me – and then I can come back to everything on the next day feeling calmer, stronger, and ready to face it.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone: now of course when I say this I don’t mean to the extremes, and I’m not advising to force yourself to do something that you know you’d sturggling with – but what I’m pointing to here is that when I make those little changes, and do small things that push me that little bit more out of my comfort zone make me feel so much better afterwards. Because after I’m just thinking to myself ‘what was I worried about’, ‘that wasn’t bad at all’; and if anything it can be a reminder to myself to not let anxiety limit me.

Shelley x 


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