My Pamper Night Essentials

 Hello everyone! Today I’m doing a slightly different post and sharing you my pamper night routine – this time of year, when the nights are getting colder and darker there’s nothing I love more than having cosy nights in. And what’s better to accompany that than a good pamper session. Doing this from time to time gives me time to focus spelt on making myself feel good, and relaxing and restoring myself. So, let’s get onto what I like to do, and the products I like to use: 



Candles are honestly one of my favourite things – and I love that this time of year gives me so much more reason to use them. I love having them flickering away whilst I’m cosied up watching tv, or to accompany a nice relaxing bath. My favourites are Yankee Candles, and Marks and Spencer do some great ones too.

A hot bath – Mio Liquid Yoga:

 Baths are something that never fail to relax me, diving into a hot bubble bath after a long, stressful day feels so good. I love to light candles, and sometimes I like to take in a book or play music, but honestly most of the time I enjoy just focusing on relaxation. This product came in the October lookfantastic beauty box, and it’s been the perfect companion for my pamper night. It infuses your bath with essential oils, and the most amazing scent that makes you feel so peaceful. 

Spiced Cranberry body butter: 

The smell of this body butter just sums up Autumn and Winter all in one – I love it. I like to use body butters that match the seasons, so I like to save fruity ones for the summer ones and use spiced smelling ones for these months. After a relaxing bath, moisturizing my body is a must. 
OSKIA Renissance Mask:

This face mask also came in the October lookfantastic beauty box, and I was so glad to see it because I was seriously in need of a face mask. They’re something that I instantly think to use when it comes to pampering myself, I don’t know why but when my skin is feeling and looking good it can completely change how I’m feeling. This has a really thick consistency, and doesn’t at all dry out your skin. I like to leave this on my face for around ten minutes, then just rinse with water and continue with moisturiser like normal.

What are your pamper night essentials? 

Shelley x


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