Monu Skin Soothing Touch Recovery Balm

It’s another beauty post from me today, and I’m putting the spotlight on the Monu Skin Soothing Touch Recovery Balm. You know how I go with it on my blog, when a beauty product really stands out to me it gets a post dedicated to it. And this is something that I’m really loving at the moment with this weather.


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The cold weather makes my skin a lot more unpredictable, it gets a lot dryer and I tend to break out more. I don’t particularly know why, but I think it’s important to recognise what causes a change to your skin, so you then know when your skin needs extra care. I’ve always loved looking after my skin, and I’m always wanting to try out new skincare products. This product is designed to give stressed and over-worked skin a little bit of tlc. It’s recommended to be used on a morning and evening, applying a small amount to the skin after cleansing. It’s a little step that I’ve introduced to my evening skincare routine after a long day. I’m finding myself so busy at the moment, with uni assignments, a part time job, blogging, and fitting in time to stay human – so it’s no wonder that my skin is crying out for a little bit more attention.

The Monu Recovery Balm has a fairly thick consistency, but on the skin feels light weight. It aims to sooth any irritation, reduce inflammation, hydrate your skin, and generally just get stressed skin back on track. Best of all, it claims to be durable for all skin types which is really appropriate for my skin at this time of year which seems to change on a daily basis. 

Have you tried this product before? And what products are you loving for the winter? 

Shelley x


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