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I think it’s about time to share with you my current beauty favourites – this isn’t a type of post I do that often, because let’s be honest it takes time accumulate products that I really love and are worthy enough to be classified as a favourite. But these are my go-to’s at the moment. So, get yourself comfortable for a bit of beauty talk.
Bareminerals spf 15 matte foundation: How could I not mention my all time favourite foundation – I actually dedicated a whole post to this very recently, discussing my reasons why I love it, and why it’s just the one for me – you can read the post here. If I’m ever going to write a favourites post – this is going to be in it, guaranteed. I’m completely open to trying new makeup, but so far this one has just beaten any other foundation for me – it works best with my skin type, and the coverage and feel I aim for.

Bareminerals prime time: This, like the foundation is something that I’ve consistently loved. This primer is a gel-like consistency, but feels so lightweight and breathable on my skin, and just smooths my skin into a canvas ready for my foundation. Also with this, the tiniest bit goes a really long way so it’s a long-lasting product.

Bareminerals mineral veil powder: I tend to avoid a lot of face powders, because I’ve found that many leave my face feeling heavy, caked, and sometimes too dry. But this is just  loose, top powder – and although there a lot out there this one just compliments my bare minerals primer and foundation so well. I dust this all over my face after applying my face makeup.

Josh Wood Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil: This product came in my Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent calendar – and thank goodness it did I’m in love. I will be doing a full review of the beauty calendar, and what my favourites from it have been, and what products I haven’t been so keen on so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon. But for now, onto this Josh Wood hair oil. I love a good hair oil, anything that nourishes, and leaves my hair feeling soft and looking healthy and shiny is the ideal hair product.

Marks and Spencer Autograph Twist up cheek highlighter: A good highlighter is something we all need for this time of year – it’s all about being festive, and glittery, so I love piling on the highlighter. I love how this one is a creamy consistency which makes it so easy to apply – and the fact that it twists-up almost like a large crayon just makes it super convenient.

Max Factor – Marylin Ruby Red: I love this lipstick, it’s a perfect bright red, statement lip that I love to wear around this time of year. When I wear a red lip at this time of year, I just feel instantly festive – so the redder, the better. I also love wearing a bold lip, such as a red, because let’s be honest – if you’ve been a little slack for the rest of your makeup, or are wearing minimal, a bold lip pulls the whole lip together. I don’t wear too much face or eye makeup, so my choice of lip colour is what pulls my whole makeup look together.

Rodial Super Acids x-treme Acid Rush Peel: This is another product that came in the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar, and it’s been a savoir for my winter skin. I apply this onto a cleansed face, and leave for around 10-15 minutes before rinsing – it’s a simple step that I like to add into my night time skin routine around twice a week – particularly now because the weather change to cold weather tends to bring out the worst of my skin. So winter is when I really focus on my skincare.

Batiste Dry Shampoo: I literally swear by this dry shampoo – I’ve tried out a few others before but they just don’t compare. I just love how much of a difference this dry shampoo makes, it’s an essential for second day hair.

Pixi by Petra Brow Taming Gel: Now that I’ve tried this, I can’t imagine what it was like before not using it. This is so good at just adding to the definition and shape of the brow. It feels so natural and soft. I’m not one who does a lot to my eyebrows, and I’m all for a natural look which this is perfect for.

What are your current favourite’s?

Shelley x


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