Finding the One – My all time Favourite Foundation

Finding the one, the foundation thats right for you. As much as I love all makeup, I’ve always held the opinion that foundation is the most important. Because I’ve had previous issues with bad skin, finding a foundation that worked with my skin, I felt comfortable in, and gave me the coverage I was after was a mission. But, on Christmas 2013 I got my first ever BareMinerals foundation in the ‘get started kit’ and I’ve never looked back. In fact, my first ever blog post (yikes) was a review of it.


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The starter kit was a really good stepping stone to get me into bareminerals makeup. Three years ago,

almost, when I got it was the time when I was starting to properly get into makeup, and understanding how different makeup tailors different skin types etc, so I think this was a really lovely present to introduce me into it. The starter kit comes with the primetime primer, the warmth powder, the mineral veil powder, and of course the foundation – which you have a choice between the matte version or original. Over the years I have tried out both, but I ultimately prefer the matte. 

The foundation is available in 20 shades, and is powder based. The idea is, that using the full flawless foundation brush, and using a small amount, to use the swirl tap and buff motion. The recommended application is to start on the outside of the face near the cheekbones, then buff around the fact working onto the cheeks, forehead and nose. I remember being shown this in store before I got the get started kit, and I’ve never forgotten it. The formula of the matte foundation helps to absorb any excess oil and eliminate any shine so you’re left with a natural matte finish. I really notice the difference between the original and the matte in terms of keeping me shine-free for the day. I also find the matte much more comfortable, it feels less heavy which is great for me because I find a heavy foundation really uncomfortable.

Believe me when I say that this foundation is seriously long lasting, the tiniest bit goes such a long way. A few taps into the slid is enough to last me for a full day. Because it’s a powder foundation, it can be easy to think that you’ll need a lot to actually get coverage but the more you buff onto your skin, the more the coverage builds up. To get into smaller details on my face I like to use the bare minerals max coverage concealer brush to make sure they’re nicely covered.

What is your favourite foundation? Do any of you use this one?

Shelley x


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