Five things I love about Christmas

Ah, Christmas is by far my favourite time of year. I love the all the festivities, I love wrapping up warm for the cold weather, and I love surrounding myself with the people who matter most to me. So, in the light of the festive season I thought I’d put together my top five things I love about Christmas.

Giving: This is probably my ultimate favourite out of them all. For me, this is what Christmas is all about, giving back to your family and friends. I feel so lucky to have such a supportive home network, and I love this time of year that places so much focus on appreciation and gratitude. I don’t mean giving in terms of giving the most, or the most expensive presents – because I’ll always go by ‘it’s the thought that counts’. It’s just for me, giving back, whether it’s helping someone out, giving them a hug, or giving them a gift it’s wonderful.  

Family time: Since living away from home for the most part of the year, this is something that I now appreciate even more. I’ve found myself being even more excited to come home for christmas – spend time with my family and just relax. From simply having a glass of wine or a mince pie together, to family outings – it’s great to spend quality time together. 

Food: How could I not mention the food – I could sit and list every single food I have at this time of year that I love, but I would be here forever. Whether it’s mince pies, gingerbread men, large consumptions of chocolate, or the Christmas dinner itself – I love it all. And not only that, but I love the attention to detail there is – whether its decorating cakes and biscuits beautifully, making gingerbread houses, or laying out the dining table. It’s just all so festive and I love it. 

Decorations: How could this not be one of my favourite things about Christmas – what’s not to love about making everything look pretty and cosy with numerous candles, fairy lights, and sparkly decorations. Fairy lights and candles are something I love all year round, but at this time of year it becomes totally acceptable to go over-board I think. 

Films/TV/Music: I was so happy to see the beginning of December, because that meant it was officially acceptable to start playing Christmas songs and Christmas films without someone questioning it. If a Christmas song comes on, I will definitely sing out loud to it all the way through, and I love spending an evening curled up with a candle flickering away, whilst watching a Christmas film. It’s not the songs or the films particularly that are my favourite thing in the world, it’s more the fact that it’s sharing so much festivity and it just makes everything fun and exciting. But Christmas related tv/films aside, there’s always the best things on TV at this time of year. I always find myself remembering so many forgotten things that I used to love. 

What do you love about Christmas?

Shelley x


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