Four Perfect Yankee Candles for Cosy Winter Nights

At this time of year, cosy nights in are commonality and there’s nothing better than a candle flickering away in the background whilst you’re snuggled up on the sofa – perhaps also accompanied with a hot chocolate. Yankee Candles are something I’ve loved for years now, and I still get just as excited every single time I purchase a new one. These four are ones I’ve not tried before now, but I think they’re so perfect for this time of year.


 Cappuccino Truffle: if you’re a coffee lover like me then this one is for you. It may seem odd for a candle scent but I think it smells amazing, it’s the perfect scent to have flickering away in the kitchen. Also, the brown colour of it just seems homely to me, and winter appropriate.

 Tarte Tatin: I won’t lie, when I first saw the name to this I got the impression that it would smell overly sweet and sickly. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. I really like sweet smells, so this was up my street but it isn’t over the top. I love candles that totally fill the room with the smell, and this does just that – in fact it made the entire apartment smell heavenly. 

Pain Au Raisin: The smell of this just makes me think of breakfast, one of those really special homely breakfasts. Every single year for breakfast on Christmas Day me and my family have croissants and pain au chocolat, so the smell of this just really reminds me of that and instantly makes me feel festive and comforted. 

Honey Glow: There isn’t anything particular that I like about this candle, I just love it all round. It’s just one of those cosy, warm smelling candles that I really like this time of year.

Which candles are you loving for this time of year?

Shelley x


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