Makeup Storage with my Geko Vanity Case

I’m a university student, and like the majority of students this means I live between two places and spend a lot of time travelling between the two. For my first year and a half as a student, this meant that my makeup storage was to put it honestly an absolute mess – there was no system to it, and as a result there was so many products that I just never used because I couldn’t find them within the mess. This year for Christmas I was surprised with a Geko Vanity Case, which although it wasn’t on my wish list, it’s become one of my favourite gifts.

This compact, makeup station has solved my organisational crisis. I’ve had a clear out, and stored it all away properly in this travel appropriate case. I love the exterior, it looks so pretty, and very me seeming as it’s silver and sparkly. It’s going to be a lovely addition to my uni room, and certainly not something I want to hide away – photographs aren’t really doing the sparkle full justice.  So, let’s take a look inside:

In the bottom section it looks a little chaotic, but it’s organised mess I promise. Here, I have my eye pallets, foundations and powders, primers, and then other face or hair products that don’t really have a specific home. I then have all my lip products together, all eye products together, all brushes together  – etc etc. Grouping my products into sections gives me a much better idea of what I have, and what I do and don’t actually need before I go out and buy more of the wrong things and less of the right. 

This is going to make getting ready so much quicker, easier, and simpler – no longer will I have to turn up my entire makeup collection upside down just to find one product – good bye! I’m sat here with genuine question as to how I haven’t come across this before, it’s just so practical and handy for a me as a student. I love how neatly it all folds together – when you first open it up it looks tidy, presentable, and inviting – no one wants to open up a case of unorganised mess. Of course the vanity case isn’t going to fit all your gear inside it, but it’s an amazing way to keep my makeup organised, and getting into the routine of keeping it organised and tidy really makes a difference for me. I store things like perfumes, body butters, and most hair products separately.

What do you think?

Shelley x


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