Reflections – My Favourite Memories of 2016

There’s only a couple of days left of 2016, and I know everyone says this almost every year – but I honestly think that this has been the first time that I’ve actually thought that a year has gone by really quickly. I won’t be getting over-emotional about the new year and this year being over, but I wanted to put together a post reflecting on my favourite memories of 2016 – so I hope you enjoy!

Holiday to Rhodes – June: In June me and my boyfriend went on our first holiday together to Rhodes – not only was it was my first holiday with him, but it was also my first time going abroad without my family so it was an occasion to be marked. I can honestly say this week was the most relaxing week of my life – we stayed in Kresten Royal Villas and Spas which was an amazing, relaxed and luxurious-feeling hotel.



Birthday Weekend – July: This year I turned 19, and although this might seem like the wrong way round, I found this years birthday so much more special than my 18th. I’m a twin – there’s a little nugget of information for you – so we celebrated together with my family, and boyfriend which was lovely. Then, the day after my birthday actually marked mine and my boyfriends first year anniversary, so for this we decided to make a day trip to York which happened to be on an incredibly sunny day which was glorious. I remember being so sad when that weekend came to an end, and I had major blues afterwards.

Holiday to Lanzarote – September: At the beginning of September I went on holiday to Lanzarote for ten days with my family – which was an amazing way to spend time with them before I moved back to university for the next term. This was my first time to the Canary Islands, and I found Lanzarote such an interesting island to visit. Not only did I, of course, enjoy an all inclusive holiday a five star hotel taking the time to relax and enjoy the facilities, but I loved the exploring we did, and learning about the volcanic history of the island. Here, we stayed at Hotel Hesperia.


Christmas: How could I not mention my favourite holiday of the year – Christmas is a period that I enjoy every single year without a doubt. No matter what other things may be going on, it still manages to be filled with love, happiness, and joy. As I’ve grown older, and especially since moving away from home, Christmas has become the time of year that is all about spending time with family, and appreciation for your loved ones, and that’s why I love it so much. I feel incredibly lucky, and grateful for the things I have, and people I have in my life – and it’s nice to sit and reflect on that.


 What have your favourite memories of the year been? And I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Shelley x


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