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Hello everyone! Today we’re having one of my usual product spotlights, today on the Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream by Marks and Spencer. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know how much I love my skincare – and you’re probably almost sick of me mentioning how much I like to focus on moisturising my skin that extra bit better throughout the winter months. I’ve never used a cream, specifically for the night time before – I just went with an all-round moisturiser, but this sleep cream has made a real good impression on me.

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This product was one of the 25 that came in the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar – and if you’d like to go back and read my full thoughts on the calendar as a whole you can read that here. I’m so thankful that this product was introduced to me via that, because realistically a sleep cream isn’t something I would think to pick up off the shelf – and if I was wanting to buy one I wouldn’t really know where to start.

 The Formula skincare range at Marks and Spencer claims to tackle ten signs of ageing, and to leave your skin more rested and younger looking. When it comes to night creams, me personally, would be looking for something that isn’t too heavy, is breathable, yet packs in moisture and goodness to my skin. Although this sleep cream feels thick when applying, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and leaves my skin feeling really hydrated but doesn’t give me the clogged feeling a too-heavy moisturiser would give me – the formula absolute sleep cream indeed claims to be suitable for all skin types. I’m prone to oily skin, so finding the right balance is crucial for me. It’s aim is to transform the skin so that it appears less fatigued, reduces lines and age spots to lead to healthier, and more radiant skin. At the age of 19, ageing skin isn’t exactly a worry for me – nevertheless, I see nothing but goodness in making sure my skin is well moisturised and looked after.

What are your thoughts on the Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream?

Shelley x


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