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Hello everyone – today I’m putting the spotlight on these two lip glosses from the Victoria Secret Beauty Rush range. Trying these two lip glosses was my first experience of Victoria Secret beauty, and to be honest if it wasn’t gifted to me for Christmas like it was, it’s something that I probably wouldn’t have thought to have picked myself – I wasn’t actually aware of such products. But none the less, I love these two – so I wanted to share with you my thoughts.

First things first – I love the packaging. Pink and silver – the perfect girly combination if you ask me. Victoria Secret is a label that I feel embraces femininity – so I didn’t expect anything less when it came to their beauty products. Lip glosses are something I love wearing – to be honest I’d say I prefer them over lipsticks most of the time, despite them being far more annoying when it comes to going outside in the wind.

Beauty Rush Sheer Flavoured Gloss – Colour – Strawberry Pinky

Beauty Rush Colour Shine Gloss – Design Pinky 

These two lip glosses have a very fruity scent – so if that isn’t your thing then these probably aren’t for you – but I love a lipgloss with a nice taste, and anything sweet is up my street. These lip glosses are very moisturising which is a good thing – more often than not I have a lipgloss inside my handbag to keep my lips hydrated rather than a lip balm, because let’s face it gloss is more fun. I prefer the Shine Gloss to the Flavoured Gloss if I was to compare the two to each other, personally because I find it more long-lasting, and less sticky. But the two both have a lovely fruity, strong scent – are such a pretty pink colour, and nice and hydrating on the lips. When it comes to a lipgloss, I always go for a natural pinky shade such as these – if I want a bright statement colour on my lip I’ll definitely go for a lipstick, but I love lip glosses for on a daily basis – and a natural pink colour, which is nice and hydrating ticks my boxes.

What are your thoughts?

Shelley x


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