Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Hello everyone – it’s time for another beauty review today, and I’m putting the spotlight on Alpha-H Liquid Gold. You know I love my skincare, and the amount of products I’ve gone through trying to find what works best for my skin is endless. When I find something I like, I really make the most of it, and appreciate each use. So, what were my thoughts?

The directions for use are super simple – it’s recommended to be applied three or four times a week, so on alternate evenings, using a cotton pad onto a cleansed face, whilst of course avoiding the eyes and lips. The product warns that it may create a slight tingling feeling when applied, but I didn’t experience it – I’ve experienced a tingling sensation with some other toners that I’ve used, but it wasn’t the case with the Alphah Liquid Gold.

I also followed the direction advice enabling a more intense treatment, which was to not go in with a night cream after applying the Alpha-H liquid gold, so that the product can act alone on your skin. And although I was sceptical about doing this, because this left my skin feeling so soft, smooth and filled with moisture I totally see why a night cream wasn’t necessary on the night of using this. Of course though this isn’t a product I use every single night, so on the other nights I’m moisturising my skin properly with a night cream.

What stood out to me in particular, after doing a little bit of browsing around Alpha-H liquid gold, is that it’s benefits go hand in hand with acne-scarred skin, as well as mature, sun damaged, or ageing skin. I put up a blog post, well over a year ago now about my experience with acne, and although my skin is now clear I still have slight scarring; and I find it rare to find a product that specifies it’ll be beneficial for it. I’m eager to carry on using this and see whether I can see improvements. Nevertheless, the Alpha-H leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth, and hydrated. You can really feel it in your skin when a product is working for you. The downside, however, is that this product is definitely on the pricier side of skincare – I came across it through the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar in December. You can shop the product here and here.

What do you think?

Shelley x


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