How I stay Productive With My Paperchase Organiser

Hello everyone – today I wanted to put the beauty posts and outfit posts on hold, and talk to you about organisation. I’m such an organised person, I always have been – planning my days enables me to feel much more relaxed, on top of things, and helps me make the most out of every day. There’s nothing worse than feeling unproductive, right? Ever since I got it as a gift at Christmas, I’ve been using my Paperchase organiser, day in, day out.

What I love about the Paperchase organisers, is that you can chose what you want inside – tailoring it to yourself, and your lifestyle means you’re going to get so much more use out of it. In mine I have a section for a Daily Planner, Meal Planner, Shopping List, Budget Planner and Notes, and then also added separately I have a breakdown of the days, key highlights, and a to do list. This may sound a lot, but I make use out of each section, and now that I have this it makes me question how I went all this time without having an organiser in my life prior to this.

I write down my key dates to remember – trips I’ve planned, dates, or deadlines in the first section – because this a brief space per day I only use this for important dates that I know I need to remember. I  do a more complex break down of my day in the day planner section – for example I can plan when I want to go to the gym, when I’ll be at university, when I’m going to write any blog posts etc etc. I’m a university student, so my days vary from day to day, and creating a plan just makes me so much more productive, and helps me know I’ve made the most of my day. Particularly when it comes to assignment time, organising when I’ll spend work on my studies helps me remain a work/life balance and not get too stressed out. For more hectic days I’ll write myself a specific to-do list to manage it and know I get what I need done.

I’d say my favourite part of this organiser is the meal planner section. I, like most people, after the splurge of Christmas have got back into the swing of healthy eating and more exercise, and planning my meals for the week helps me stay on track. It’s also really time-saving when it comes to doing the food shop – if I know roughly what I want to be eating throughout the week, I know what I need to buy which prevents wasted food which I’m sure we’re all guilty of now and then.

The organiser is a really nice size, I went for the A5 size – although you can get them either larger or smaller than this. I went for the middle man, and this fits perfectly in my bag which I take with me on the daily to university. Before this I was with the habit of using my phone as my organiser, but I just ended up with loads of different notes that didn’t make sense – this works for me a lot better.

What do you think?

Shelley x



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