My Daily Makeup Essentials – What’s in my Makeup Bag

Hello everyone – today I wanted to sit and chat about the makeup products with me that are my go-tos, my essentials – the ones that make it into my makeup bag wherever I go. As a university student, I’m in a constant cycle of travelling up and down the country – and of course when I make a weekend visit home I can only take a selection of products – my favourites. So, let’s take a peek inside my makeup bag.

Some of these products are longstanding favourites, and you’ve most likely seen them mentioned on my blog before – because you know I can’t resist but to share my favourites. But some are more recent finds, that I’ve found to really work with me and my skin.

Bareminerals Matte Spf 15 Foundation – you will definitely know that this is my ultimate favourite foundation – I’ve mentioned it in countless blog posts before – and dedicated a full spotlight post as to why it’s my favourite which you can read here. No makeup bag is complete without it, it’s an absolute essential.

Bareminerals Mineral Veil – this again is a product that I’ve used for years now – it’s a translucent powder that I lightly dust over my face to help set my makeup. Although I use the bareminerals matte version, I find that this gives that extra bit of help at keeping my face matte throughout the day. If I was heading out somewhere for the day, without my makeup bag, this along with a lip product is all that I would take with me for touch ups.

Bareminerals Warmth Powder – I’m not one who does the whole contour thing – I never really have. All I want is a bit of warmth to my face, and this is my go-to product for that. Just the tiniest bit of this is needed – like honestly the such a small amount which makes this last so long. I like to dust this in a number 3 shape on my face, to create subtle definition and warmth.

The Body Shop All Over Cheek Colour – Shade Ginger – This, and the bareminerals rose radiance powder are my go-to blushers. However, because this is a smaller and more compact size I find this ends up in my makeup bag a lot more often. This brings a nice natural rosiness to the apples of my cheeks – I love the shade, it’s the perfect balance between a soft pink and a peach which looks natural looking on my skin tone. I love the body shop makeup – it’s high quality whilst being affordable.

Bareminerals Concealer – because I’m such a lover of the bareminerals powder based foundation, it’s not really any surprise that I love the concealer too. I take a small amount of the powder on the bareminerals max coverage concealer brush, tap it onto my problem areas and it masks them well whilst keeping my skin matte.

Kiko Skin Evolution Concealer – this is one of the few concealers I get along with that isn’t powder based. I find it super breathable, and easy to build up to achieve your desired coverage. I love concealers that have a twist-up, crayon-like applicator like this, not to mention it’s amazingly priced.

Natural Collection Mascara – This mascara is one that I’ve literally used for years – it’s an absolute bargain and it’s something that genuinely works well for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have some more special mascaras that I save for more of an occasion, but for on the daily basis I really like this. It does the job, it lengthens and thickens my lashes well, and with it being such well priced I always find myself going back to it for on the daily.

The Body Shop Eye pencil – Shade Taupe – I’ve loved this liner for such a long time now, I go for brown over black on a daily basis, just because I like that it looks nice and natural on me, and this lasts all day long.

Bareminerals Colour Extravaganza eye palette – I recently did a full review post on this eye palette because oh my goodness it’s amazing. My favourite thing about it is its versatility – meaning you can turn it into this smaller, travel sized version and can chose which three eye shadows you want in it. This is so perfect for in my makeup bag for a weekend away, and stops me lugging around all the shades I wouldn’t use.

Rosie For Autograph Lip Glossy – I love this, it’s a super creamy lipstick is how I would best describe it – which is perfect for my dry lips. I love the natural pinky colour to it, and it’s just something I have on me often. And can we also just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous the packaging is.

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss – this is something I like to throw in my makeup bag because it’s one of those lip glosses that is super moisturising – so I always have a lipgloss like this with me, almost as a substitute for lip balm really. I think lip glosses are something really handy to have on you, and this one has such a lovely fruity scent.

Percy and Reed Wonder Balm – I’ve reviewed this fully before on my blog – which you can read hereBut in short, I love to apply this onto towel-dried hair before styling and it really helps sooth my hair, soften my hair, and just helps define it in whatever way I’m wanting to style it.

What’s inside your makeup bag?

Shelley x


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