Review – Handmade Burger Co Newcastle Eldon Square

Hello everyone – to take a little bit of a break from my usual fashion and beauty content, today I wanted to bring you a little restaurant review of Handmade Burger Co, in Newcastle Eldon Square. I’ve been to Handmade Burger Co quite a few times before – but this particular one has only opened fairly recently so it was on the to-try list.

I really like the decor of the place – it has a quirky, and slightly rustic feel with a relaxed atmosphere that I think is really cool. Me and my boyfriend, Greg, couldn’t think of anything butter than a Peroni to accompany our burgers. 

I went for the Cajun Chicken Burger, and my boyfriend went for the Italian Beef. Chicken is almost always my choice when it comes to burgers, and although I love Handmade Burger Co’s original chicken burger, I wanted to spice it up and try something new – and I’m so glad I did it was delicious, and Greg enjoyed his burger too. I find the burgers really filling, but we always go for a side of chips each, and then we share a coleslaw together too. The sides are a really good size – I’d say they’re more a sharing size than an individual, so it’s good value for money. Although we were both really impressed with the food – it was super yummy I wasn’t so much about the service. I’ve eaten at a couple of other Handmade Burger Co’s previously, and haven’t experienced this problem – but our experience of service at the Newcastle Eldon Square one on this particular night a few weeks ago wasn’t too great. We were left waiting to order drinks for a very long time – to the point that our drinks didn’t end up arriving until our food did. I would have been completely understanding if slow service was as a result of it being very busy, because at the end of the day we’re only human and simply cannot do everything at once  but it wasn’t – and I noticed that we weren’t the only customers who seemed to be waiting around. On the whole, I just didn’t get a friendly, warm atmosphere that comes along with good customer service – and I totally appreciate that this experience could simply be a one off. The food was delicious, great value for money – and this one little lapse in customer service wouldn’t stop me eating there again. So, despite this, I wouldn’t discourage anyone who loves a good burger from giving Handmade Burger Co a try – and I certainly want to try more of their menu. 

What do you think of Handmade Burger Co?

Shelley x


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