Skyn Iceland – Icelandic Relief Eye Cream

Hello everyone – I hope you’re well! It’s time for another beauty review today, with the spotlight being on the Skyn Iceland – Icelandic Relief Eye Cream – that’s a bit of a mouthful to say out loud don’t you think. I started using an eye cream daily only within this past year, which sounds shocking, I know, but they’re just something I never thought about. However, since adding them into my daily routine, I love them and their benefits, and when I don’t use one nowadays it simply feels as though I’m missing something out of my daily skincare ritual.

 This eye cream was one of the many products that came in the Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar – and can we just point to how long ago Christmas feels now. This is available at Marks and Spencer for an expected price for a good quality eye cream – you can shop the product here

The texture to this eye cream is totally different to anything I’ve ever tried before – it almost feels like a moose – it’s super bubbly, and it feels cool when applied to the eye. It aims to minimise puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes. I don’t particularly have issue with dark circles, and certainly not wrinkles at age 19 – but in a morning I tend to have slight puffiness to my eyes, so this really helps calm that down whilst leaving my eyes feeling fresh, and hydrated.

What I wasn’t aware of at first, was that this eye cream has a versatile function as can also be used as a under-makeup primer. I love versatile products – I admit to myself that I own far too many beauty products, so to find something that has multiple functions is a savour for me. What I love about this, is how cool and refreshing it feels on my eyes, and the fact that it’s light weight. With any kind of moisturiser or cream, I hate it to feel heavy or sticky. But this feels perfect to apply in the morning, to wake up the eye, decrease puffiness, and make me feel fresh and ready. I only tend to use this in the mornings, rather than at night – because it just feels more fitting to use in the morning for me.

What do you think?

Shelley x


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