Hello Spring – What I love about Spring

Hello everyone – in light of the new season, I thought I’d put together a post on the main reasons I love spring. It’s nice to sit and reflect on the reasons something means to me from time to time. I’ve been looking forward to spring throughout the past couple of months – I was so over the cold, dark, miserable weather and ready for longer light, more sunshine, and lots to look forward to. So, what do I love about spring?

Sunshine: This sounds pretty generic, because it’s obvious that the sun shines more in spring – but if I wake up to the sun shining I instantly smile, feel more positive and in a way more motivated. Whether the whether is really hot or not so much, if the sun is out I instantly want to get outside, get on with my day – and it makes me feel so positive, uplifted, and in a brighter mood. It seems a little trivial that a simple weather change can make me feel so different, but it really does and always has done.

Easter: I love the Easter holidays – because I live away from home at university when I go back after Christmas looking forward to the Easter holidays is what gets me through the term. Although at this point my workload is at its highest and my stress levels are high, Easter is a holiday that I’ve always loved celebrating. I’m more so excited that Easter falls in April this year, because it means there’s more of a chance of warmer, sunnier weather. A national holiday spent at home surrounded by my family is always going to be something I look forward to. Also, this lent I’ve decided to give up chocolate – which is something that I’ve wanted to do for years now, and have finally taken the plunge. This is going to make indulging in a chocolate Easter egg so much better, and I’ll appreciate much more.

End of term: How could I not look forward to this – the end of the university semester. Although around deadline time it’s pretty intense, but the fact that us students get a long summer makes it all worth it if you ask me. Knowing I can relax and have things look to forward to in the summer motivates me so much more to finish my work.

More time outdoors: fairly generic, I know, but there’s nothing nicer than the weather being nice enough to spend the day outdoors, without a coat, with the sun shining. A trip to the beach, the park, a nice walk, or simply just sitting outside with a nice glass of wine or any refreshing beverage – it’s lovely. After being cooped up inside for a bit too much for my liking throughout winter, I’m looking forward to more time outside.

What do you love about spring?

Shelley x


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