Pur Minerals/Bareminerals – Which Do I Prefer?

Hello everyone – today I wanted to compare the Bareminerals Matte Spf15 foundation, which I’ve raved about numerous times as being my all time favourite foundation, with the PurMinerals foundation which I’ve recently been trying out. Both have close similarities, so I wanted to compare the two – and see which one works best for me, and ultimately which one I can call my favourite.

What made me want to compare these two, is the fact that they seem to have similar characteristics, and offer a similar benefits for the skin.
When it comes to the prices between the two, they are almost exactly the same – the purminerals prices at £27 from Marks and Spencer, and both the bareminerals original and matte foundation price at £26.50. So, as you can guess the price wasn’t a factor in terms of my comparison as you’re getting the same amount of 8g for only a 50 pence price difference.

Shop the purminerals 4-in-1 mineral foundation here

Shop the bareminerals spf15 original foundation here and the matte here

One of the main features that the two different foundations advertise is the included SPF protection – but this again is exactly the same for both, with both bareminerals and purminerals being SPF15.

The packaging for the two is very different – while the purminerals is a nice compact, the bareminerals is a little tub. I think in terms of how the packaging looks I prefer the purminerals because it’s silver, pretty, and got a mirror so I find it really handy to keep in my handbag for touch-ups through the day. However, I prefer the application of the bareminerals foundation – tipping the exact amount I want into the lid and then applying seems a lot more convenient to me, and easier for me to determine the right amount. whereas with he purminerals foundation, I can’t really tell how much I’m using, and how much is going onto my brush.

I find that the purminerals mineral makeup lasts on my face for a lot longer – I can leave this on for literally a twelve hour or longer day, and my skin still looks covered, and reasonably matte. However, I prefer the feel of the bareminerals – particularly the matte over the original. It’s nice and breathable for my oily skin, and doesn’t feel heavy at all. In terms of coverage, I would put the purminerals mineral makeup on the same level as the bareminerals original foundation, with the bareminerals matte being slightly less. However, alongside the higher coverage I find the purminerals and original bareminerals to feel heavier on my skin – although certainly not a lot – they’re all lightweight. With me, the choice for which one I wear comes down to the occasion. For instance, I’d prefer to wear either the purminerals foundation and the original bareminerals for let’s say a night out, a date, an occasion where I want more of a full look that I want to keep looking flawless for a long time. However, for on an everyday basis, and for days out at the weekend the bareminerals matte will always be my first choice. And of course, you can build up the coverage with this too, it’s just not as full.

I’d say all in all, my winner would still have to be the bareminerals matte foundation – but I love both the bareminerals original and the purminerals 4-in-1 for a fuller coverage, and particularly the purminerals for days where I really need my makeup to last a while. I find the purminerals compact packaging super pretty and convenient.

What do you think?

Shelley x


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