Quick and Easy Red Berry Smoothie Recipe

Hello everyone! I thought I’d put together a different post today and share with you a simple yet delicious red berry smoothie recipe. Now that the weather is getting brighter and sunnier, I’m enjoying smoothies more. This is a great filling and refreshing smoothie, and very easy to make.

What you’ll need (for two servings):
80g each of frozen berries
One banana
Unsweetened Soya Milk


I didn’t weigh out the cucumber, or measure out the soya milk – the frozen berries was the only thing I was more precise about but besides that it was just a matter of filling the Nutri Ninja. Adding sweetener is of course optional, but I find that because the frozen berries can sometimes taste a little bitter the sweetener just makes it more delicious in my opinion. I like my smoothies nice and thick, but of course you can tailor this to your own preference dependent on how much milk you add. Extra greens such as spinach could be added to this smoothie as well as the cucumber, but I went for a very easy, simple blend today. This smoothie recipe is perfect for using up the last bits in your fridge and cupboard – and a bag of frozen fruit is always something handy to have in the freezer. 

Shelley x


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