Current Beauty Essentials – April

Hello everyone, today I’m sharing with you my current beauty essentials. My beauty routine always changes when we come into spring and summer, so as do my favourites. April is when I really start to feel spring-like and ready for the warmer, sunnier weather. So let’s get onto what I’m reaching for the most this month…

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo – I’ve always loved Batiste dry shampoo, it works so well for me and always has amazing fresh smells. I’m currently using the Cherry flavour and it smells so good. I like to use this in-between washes to keep my hair looking and feeling fresh, but it’s also great for adding a little more volume and full-ness to your hair.

Purminerals 4-in-1 pressed mineral foundation and Bareminerals Matte spf15 foundation – I love these two foundations so much, and they’re both up there for being my all time favourites. Powder based foundations have been my go-to for a couple of years now, and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. These are both light weight and breathable but give you the opportunity to build great coverage. You can read my full post reviewing the two here

Bareminerals rose radiance powder – I love this as an all-over cheek powder, it’s perfect for minimal looks that I go for a lot in the spring and summer to give your face a glow of colour and a little bit of shimmer. What I love esspecially about bareminerals powders is that a little goes such a long way, so purchasing this has been so worthwhile and will last me ages. You can read a full review of it here

Burt’s Bee’s lip balm – a lip balm is an absolute must for me – I have to have one in my handbag with me. My lips get sore and dry fairly quickly, and this Burt’s Bees lip balm is my current go to, it’s classic, does the job and I love the minty taste.

Kiko skin evolution concealer – This is a super affordable concealer, but still great quality which is what I love about what I’ve tried so far of Kiko makeup. I love the packaging too – what I always say about Kiko is that I find it has a  high-end feel but at a high-street price.  This shade is perfect for me when I’ve started to catch the sun a little, is nice and bendable and I find it to be good coverage. You can read a full review on it here

Josh Wood hair treatment oil – As with the warmer weather and increasing sun exposure, I really like to take care of my hair. I like to use this Josh Wood radiant shine hair treatment oil around once a week applying it as a pre-shampoo deep treatment before shampooing. I just find this really helps nourish my hair and keep it nice and moisturised. You can read a full review of it here

Sainsburys vitamin E face wash  and Sainsbury’s vitamin E moisturiser – These are my current daily face wash and day time moisturiser. They’re really gentle on the skin and super moisturising which is what I like. My skin is going through a stage of being dry and sensitive, and I’ve found that these are working well with it. The face wash is really good for breaking down any makeup left on the face too.

What are your current beauty essentials?

Shelley x


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