My three favourite Yankee Candles

Hello everyone – I thought I’d mix it up today and talk about candles. I have an obsession with candles, there’s just something I find so comforting about lighting a candle in the evening, whether it’s while I watch tv, or whilst having a relaxing bath. Today I’m sharing with you my three favourite Yankee Candles.

Season of Peace – This is a new favourite of mine – and definitely a scent that is seasonal. Despite the picture and name making you feel that I’d think this is perfect for winter – I actually really like the scene of it for spring and summer. To me it smells fresh and crisp, and it has a hint of the smell of fresh laundry in my opinion. For the colder months I like richer smelling candles with a cosy vibe, but the freshness of this is what I think as perfect for this time of year.

Snowflake cookie – I got snowflake cookie as one of my Christmas presents – and got it as a repeat gift for Easter. It’s the perfect pink colour to compliment the white of my other favourites in my bedroom, and has an amazing scent.

Snow in love – Snow in love was one of the first Yankee Candle’s I ever got – and I’ve loved it ever sine. It’s got a scent that I’d say is perfect for all year round – it’s perfect in my bedroom to create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

It’s not really any surprise that my three favourite candles follow the same colour scheme – I won’t lie and say that isn’t a contributing factor, the fact that they’re all either white or baby pink definitely makes me love them more. I also have to say that on the whole, yankee candles have easily become one of my favourite brands when it comes to candles – I always find them long lasting, have a strong scent, and alway shave a wide enough variety so I can always find something that suits me.

What are your favourite candles?

Shelley x


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